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Author Topic: Final Roster???  (Read 1525 times)
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« on: July 25, 2007, 08:26:12 am »

Is the Pistons final roster set???  They currently have 15 guys and 3 free agents (Blalock, Davis, and Webber) but they already locked up other guys at those positions (re-signing Billups, drafting Afflalo, drafting Stuckey, signing Samb, and re-signing Johnson).  Is this it???  I'm not complaining because I like the direction that they're headed in but I still think they need a backup SF (our current backups are either Ronald Dupree and Sammy Mejia, our 2nd round pick) and they should at least attempt to resign Webber because they still have their MLE, although using it would put them over the cap, which Joe Dumars doesn't want to do.  I also thought they were actively shipping Mohammed and Murray.  I say trade those 2 for a high quality backup SF (maybe someone who's even a starter - example of the type of player - Marvin Williams, although the Hawks would never do that, but that's the kind of player I'm talking about).  That way you unload the salaries of Nazr and Flip for one contract, letting you free up enough cap room to re-up with Webber.  Anyway.........Is the Pistons current roster, their final 15 man roster for the beginning of the season?  If not, tell me who they'll pick up or "drop off."
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2007, 09:07:29 am »

i think the roster is moreless set. I dont think webber will be comin back although i would like him too stay.

 They where shoppin murray and nazr i guess they had no takers or decent offers but there still time hopefully. Davis and blalock are defo gone tho.
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