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Author Topic: realistic 3-team trade between Pacers/Celtics/Lakers  (Read 1057 times)
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« on: August 30, 2007, 04:19:35 pm »

Let me know what you guys think and if its a fair shake.  This is a solution that I've come up with... all thing's considered... no stone left unturned. The deal involves future draft picks, so the trade machine was of limited use... as I did use it as much as I could to determine the salaries/value of the players involved.

Lakers receive Jermaine O'neal & David Harrison via Indy. ( Lakers get the big fella that Bryant/every Laker fan wants in J.O. and a stop gap post in Harrison. Harrison/Turiaf could hold things down at center, until Mihm is ready.)

Celtics receive Jamal Tinsley via Indy and the rights to Marc Gasol via Lakers. ( Tinsley's the experienced vet PG that they need until Pruitt matures. Marc Gasol could be of use when Pollard decides he doesn't feel like playing as he so often does on any given night and of course backing up Perkins at center is where Gasol will fit. not to mention...Gasol comes relatively cheap and money is key for the Celtics because of the Big 3.)

Pacers receive Bynum/Brown/Cook/Radmanovic/and 2008 2nd round selection... all via Lakers
+ Brian Scalabrine/Rajon Rondo & 2008 2nd round selection/cash compensation... via the Celtics
( Pacers get a young nucleus and more importantly they get rid of O'neal's and Tinsley's contracts. They also get proven shooter's in Radmanovic & Cook. They get a vet/token white guy (that Bird loves to add) in Scalabrine who can offer some leadership, and Bird sets up a dual PG tandem of Rondo & Diener. Radman has 4 years left on his deal, but at 5 mill per and thats not a killer number... especially since shooting is of extreme value.)

Rondo makes the most sense for Boston to send to Indy because gaining Tinsley... and being in "win now mode"...would lock Tinsley in as a Celtic for at least the next 2 seasons as the starter. Also Rondo is a free agent after this season and he'd probably leave in free agency in search of a starting job.

Yes, I do know that Ainge wasn't open to moving Rondo in the Garnett deal, but that was because the Wolves weren't sending any PG's with Garnett. Plus Ainge wanted Telfair out instead. Moving the youngster (Rondo) in a deal for a vet PG in Tinsley is a no brainer and it would please the Big 3.

...now all the Pacers would need to do is find somebody to take Murphy's contract and they're in the clear. Everybody's happy and all the salary's/value for the draft picks match. Now to get it done.

Mihm, D.Harrison
J.O'neal, Turiaf
Odom, Walton, Yue
Bryant, Evans, Karl
Fisher, Crittenton, Farmar

Bynum, Foster
Murphy, Brown, Cook
Granger, Radmanovic, Scalabrine
Daniels, Dunleavy, S.Williams, K. Rush
Rondo, Diener

Perkins, Pollard, M.Gasol
Garnett, Powe, "Big Baby" Davis
Pierce, Posey
R.Allen, Tony Allen, E.House
Tinsley, Pruitt

Celtics look pretty scary with Tinsley at point, I must admit  
...although all three rosters are pretty deep and versatile.

Fair enough.
Fair enough..probably the 2nd ugliest season I've ever seen from the Ravens.
Flacco kind of is a bum..Yeah I get that he isn't that good..
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