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Author Topic: The game vs. Efes Pilsen  (Read 1200 times)
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« on: October 06, 2007, 03:29:09 pm »

Watched it today. Wolves still made a lot of youthful mistakes (lots of turnovers via travelling), but in general;

- Ricky Davis and Mark Blount thought they would make every shot. Blount quickly stopped, but Ricky wasted a lof of opportunities throughout the game

- Foye played mature, altough I would like to see a more explosive PG out of him

- Big Al was a rebound machine, he scored when he focused - needs to do more of that

- Ryan Gomes had a very, very good all-around game. He grabbed offensive boards, scored, stole the ball on a couple of occasions...best player on the court.

- Gerald Green was out of control. 4/15 FG's...for christs sake, choose your shots better. I think he wanted to show that he was hurt by being put behind Davis, Gomes, Green and Buckner in the depth chart and deserved more. I wished he did it better.

- Juwan Howard was ok, he played in a mask, surprised me here. Wink

- Corey Brewer truly is a defensive menace! I don't know why he settles for the three so often, when he clearly is not that much of a threat. He needs to slash and go to the foul line

In general the Wolves had trouble defending pick'n'rolls but played really well against a good zone defence Efes threw at them, if it wasn't for the advantage on the boards, the game would go the other way. Lots of bad shots taken, I think they didn't take this as seriously as they should.

Hopefully a matchup against KG and the new-look Celts will bring more to the table in terms of focus and determination.

Starting five was;
PG - Foye
SG - Davis
SF - Gomes (surprise, thought it would be Green or Brewer)
PF - Jefferson
C - Blount
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