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Question: When should Lakers trade Kobe?  (Voting closed: November 17, 2007, 07:26:09 pm)
Take Bottom Dollar now - 1 (50%)
Wait Until Next Summer (see if traders sweeten the deal) - 0 (0%)
Why trade Kobe (even if Lakers aren't great - Kobe sells tickets) - 1 (50%)
Total Voters: 2

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Author Topic: Poll: Should LA Take Bottom Dollar for Kobe?  (Read 969 times)
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« on: November 12, 2007, 07:26:09 pm »

I think the Lakers and Kobe are in a lose-lose situation.  The money in Kobe's contract and his trade veto clause means the Lakers put themselves at Kobe's mercy when they signed him to this extension.]

They can't even really wait until Kobe has an opt-out.  He could wise up at that point about his money and just decide to play it out for another 2 years-$47 Million.  
Kobe will not opt out of $47 Million.  he does not make the kind of endorsement money that Jordan or Tiger Woods make.   And he aint stupid- $47 Mill is $47 Mill.

My point is that the Lakers have no leverage on trade so they should know they cant expect much.

And my other point is that they can not develop their talent (if they really think Bynum/Turiaf/Brown/Walton, Farmar are something special) with Kobe taking up all the attention and energy in Laker Land.  Its going to be a painful ugly year.   And a waste of some talent.  

If the Bulls or any team are willing to send one go to scorer (Ben Gordon-like) and one great role player (Hinrish or Nocioni) and one good young prospects (unprovens like Sefolosha and Noah) and two future first rounders- that is the best ending the lakers could have.
They will be declaring defeat at the hands of Kobe - but at least its their team again- they won't have Kobe calling all the shots on and off the court.  They'll have ownership of the Lakers back.  

To put in context of larger NBA, stop delaying the inevitable.   Kobe and Lakers are never going to be elite again in this era of Spurs/Dallas/PHX.  Kobe's contract is too big to win in a trade so take the best loss you can.
Minnesota did not save themselves much by waiting 2-3 extra years to trade Garnett and Philly was mediocre for much longer as they held off on trading AI.   They delayed the inevitable and now they are 2-3 year behind where they could have been in the rebuilding process.  

If they don't trade Kobe, this entire year will be a limbo year for the Lakers.  Just a year to speculate what kind of deals can happened by the deadline or next summer.  The whole NBA will know that they are playing a mediocre team with a management that measures success by keeping Kobe on the court rather than winning games.  

If I was a basketball organization, I'd take the Cancer out and cut my losses rather than waiting around for a miracle cure.   I'd have some pride in making the tough decision and giving the organization back its flexibility.

I'd take bottom dollar from the Bulls (Gordon, Hinrich, Noah, and a First Rounder OR whatever the Bulls were offering).

The Lakers will have to rebuild to become contenders again.  That rebuilding process can start tomorrow or the team can walk on pins and needles for the rest of Kobe's contract.
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