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Author Topic: Houston game  (Read 1100 times)
Richie B
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« on: November 28, 2007, 02:31:38 am »

The Clips stunk up the 4th quarter and took the L.  Maggette surprisingly rejoins the team and we proceed to lose Cassell 3min in.  Hopefully he won't miss too much time.  We can't afford it unless Brevin Knight plays better.  BKnight brought the boo birds out after each of his misses and then later passing up open shots and causing turnovers (he got called for travelling and then Kaman got hit with the same after BK passed him the ball with 2 seconds on the shot clock and CKaman 20 feet from the basket).

Kaman started off scorching hot but cooled off and no one was able to pick up the slack.  Mobley's in a funk, I'm assuming it's related to his nagging injuries.  We really need his offense.  In the games we've lost, we're always missing a third offensive threat.  This is where Maggette's return should help the most.  Kaman and Corey will get their points and then we just need Cat, Sam, or TThomas to step up.

Rockets weren't too impressive.  Yao and TMac are studs but then there's a pretty big drop off.  Alston played ok but Mike James and Stevie Franchise didn't really contribute.  Scola seems to have some skills and might give them some decent minutes.  Chuck Hayes was invisible and what little offensive skills Mutumbo had have completely eroded.  I don't see them being a legit contender for the Western crown.

Hopefully these 3 days off will help with the injuries.  When we're healthy, we're dangerous!!!

Richie B
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