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Author Topic: Alright, so a new scenario emerges  (Read 760 times)
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« on: December 06, 2007, 10:54:32 am »

Ok, so J-Kidd wants out, we won't be signing Gordon and possibly not Deng.  Kobe could still be on the table adn would definately play alongside Kidd.  So here we go.

Hinrich, Duhon, Joe Smith and 2009 unprotected 1st rounder for
Kidd and Marcus Williams  (to make the salaries match)

Deng, Gordon, Ben Wallace and next years unprotected 1st rounder for
Kobe and Mihm (to make the salaries match)

Jersey wants to get younger and Hinrich could step into Kidds spot for much less salary.  The Lakers get three great players and eventually out of Wallaces contract in order to sign a big free agent in two years.  The Bulls get this lineup

Marcus Williams

We solve our point guard and our point needs with two top 3 disgruntled superstars that want to play together.  If one of those teams has to have Noah or Thomas, we could accomodate and give up ONLY one of them.  The only question is that YOU the fans need to answer is...

Is it worth sacrificing the chance for a young competitive team in exchange for roughly 2-3 years of truly competing for a title?  After Kidd retires, and Kobe becomes disgruntled with his loss (although Marcus Williams is the best backup PG in the business right now), the Bulls will need to rebuild again.  Is it worth it?  You decide, and the BTeam will pull whatever strings they have with the Paxson family and Don John.

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