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Author Topic: 2008 pacers 3 first round draft picks  (Read 1607 times)
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« on: December 10, 2007, 07:45:19 am »

jason kidd is on his way out jefferson is the real leader on that team and he's had enough so the most logical trade for kidd is a three way deal between the nets, Lakers and pacers. it could go something like this on or after december 15 due to trade restrictions
trade name: LAKENETPAC (www.realgm.com : trade checker id - 4330177)
LAKERS GET: j.kidd and n.krstic
NETS GET: j.O'Neal, j.farmar, 2008 round 2 pick (pacers) and 2010 round 2 pick (pacers)
PACERS GET: k.brown, v.radmanovic, c.mihm, 2008 rd 1 pick (Lakers) and 2008 rd 1 pick (nets)
FACT: kidd is a better player than O'Neal however the nets are a better team with O'Neal because the nets need another scorer and someone who can compete with other quality big men in the nba. farmar is on the rise and can easily run the point when he can distribute it to guys like carter and jefferson, all great nba teams need a quality big man to be successful unless you've got a jordan. they also get a lot younger
its a good deal for the lakers because it will keep kobe happy as he wanted kidd anyway and if kobe is happy the Lakers are happy as long as they keep bynum which they will. krstic will take over from kwame and a hell of a lot cheaper. fisher will backup kidd and kobe in the backcourt and while they lose farmar they still have young guards developing like vujacic and crittenton anyway.
the pacers will clear a massive contract 44 million dollars for 2 seasons after this where O'Neal's already on 19 million. they will get expiring contracts kwame and mihm. radmanovic will provide quality off the bench and give the team good flexibility but the important thing is getting 2 first round picks for O'Neal, 3 first round picks in one draft could really set them up
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