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Author Topic: Early Pacers 2008 Draft Preview  (Read 1341 times)
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« on: December 17, 2007, 06:38:32 pm »

Last year the Wizards were 41-41 overall which gave them the 16th NBA pick in the draft. Right now the Pacers are exactly at .500 so going by this logic we should have a pick somewhere between 15 and 20. (Although I think the Pacers will finish above .500, but who knows?) What are the Pacers biggest weaknesses right now? Probably defense and shooting. In addition we have several key players who are aging - Tinsley, JO, and Foster. So, if we can land a player who we think can possibly replace these players in the future, it would be a good idea to select him. So basically, we need a defender, a shooter, and a pg prospect with passing ability, a pf prospect with an interior scoring presence, and a c prospect with good defense and rebounding abilities. Going by these aspects, here are some players who I think will be available when we pick (somewhere between 15th and 20th) who fill a need or are intriguing prospects:

Tywon Lawson - PG - Natural passer and floor leader, a true PG

D.J. Augustin - PG - Not necessarily a prototypical PG, but extremely talented and a great shooter

Darren Collison - PG -  Smart PG who has nice speed and a great defender

Tyler Hansbrough - PF - One of the best interior scorers in this upcoming draft class, just a tough player, not a very good defender though

Devon Hardin - C - Nice, athletic prospect, pretty good defender and rebounder, not really an offensive game to speak of

Richard Hendrix - PF - Tough, strong, great rebounder, finishes around the rim, very comparable to Paul Milsap

Jamont Gordon - SG - Good scorer, rebounder, and passer, nice defensive potential, questionable shooting ability

Hasheem Thabeet - C - Huge defensive presence (7'2"), but has zero offensive game, just an average rebounder, still though: a fascinating prospect

Others to consider: Courtney Lee (SG - from Indiana) Ryan Anderson (PF) Terrence Williams (SF) Bill Walker (SG, SF) Brandon Costner (SF, PF) Brandon Rush (SG, SF - IF he's healthy) Trent Plaisted (PF) Chris Douglas-Roberts (SG, SF)

My number one pick for the Pacers would be Lawson or Collison. Both are true PGs, Lawson is a little more developed as a PG, but Collison is a great defender and leader. Personally, though, I trust Larry Bird to draft the best player available - so any of these guys would be fine.

P.S. - How awesome would it be if Eric Gordon slipped to us!!!!! (Won't happen but still, it's so exciting to think about!)

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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2007, 03:56:57 pm »


We have Tinsley for 3 more years after this season, and with his off the court issues, he is virtually untradeable.  He also seems to fit well in the current scheme.  A second young PG would be a great asset to learn behind JT.  Someone who can defend like Owens, but shoot and pass like Diener.  I don't see Daniels as a good alternative, he just makes the offense look clumsy when he is at the point.

JO can opt out at years end, and is starting to show some real progress toward getting back to the player he was a couple years back.  No one is going to make him a better offer than what he will get from us, so I think he is staying.  Diogu has shown he can be a good to very good PF when given the playing time.  I think we are Okay there for another year.

Foster is aging, and can also opt out at season's end.  I suspect that he will play here next year and retire after.  Behind him I see, finally, Harrison looking like he gets it.  Not fouling as much, getting a lot of blocks, and scoring in the middle.  I see a need for another big man though.  I could see trading up using Williams, Daniels or Diener to get to Hibbert from Georgetown.  

Other positions, Swings are good.  Granger, Dunleavey, Rush, Daniels (at the 2 or 3), Williams, and I will even throw in Graham, we are pretty solid.  If you use Williams or Daniels as bait to get another PG, or C, then we may get thin at the swing.

Most important to me...  This coaching staff has developed a system where players can learn and develop, and the guys I want to watch over the remainder of this year are, Owens, Graham, Rush, and Harrison.  Rush has started impressing already.  Owens is a great defender but still learning the floor general stuff.  Harrison is starting to play like we thought he would 2 years ago.  Graham seems to be able to score at will, but gets lost in the defense sometimes.  Each is missing maybe one small part, and if they get up to speed, you have great contributions for pennies on the dollar.

Boom Baby!!!!
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