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Author Topic: Case Study: Is This the Only LEGIT Z-Bo Deal?  (Read 876 times)
« on: December 28, 2007, 01:03:39 am »

You tell me.

I racked my brains the past few weeks (as Happiness would happily tell you), and I can't think of a more realistic trade.

I had to take alot of things into account - team needs, cap situations, etc.

I think this does justice:


Zach Randolph
Jason Williams


Andre Miller
Kyle Korver


Ricky Davis
Reggie Evans
2nd Rounder via Miami


The first thing I looked for were teams without a legit PF.

Those teams were Philly, Sacramento, New Jersey, and Chicago.  And I considered Seattle and Miami too.   Seattle b/c there was a rumour they had interest last summer, and Miami b/c looking at hoopsstats.com lately, I'd noticed Miami was on the bottom in points and rebounds, not to mention now they've lost Zo for the season...

So all of those teams either had a need or desire, but only Philly had all the necessities - gaping hole at PF; defenders to support him (Dalembert/Jason Smith); and contracts to match (Dre/Korver/Evans).

The only problem was - Korver and Evans are signed for 4 more years.....why would the Knicks deal Z-Bo for equally long contracts at almost the SAME salary?

They wouldn't.  And in order to maintain Philly's cap space (I can go more in-depth with that if you want) going into next summer (they plan on dealing Dre for an expiring anyway), it couldn't just be Dre and Korver/Evans.  

So I had to find a 3rd team.  The FIRST team that came to mind was Miami.   It didn't take much time.

1. They need a PG (been shopping Williams)
2. They need a shooter (Riley's said so himself)

And they had expirings for both NY and Philly.   Perfect, right?

Now I'm not sure if this gives the trade more or less fuel (I'd guess less), but having both Mo Cheeks (ZBo's former coach), and Larry Brown in Philly complicates things.  

I'm not sure how big Brown's role is.  With Cheeks, atleast he has a repour with Randolph.  Whether that's a positive or minus, who knows...

So the Heat get their PG and shooter.

Knicks get big cap space and solve rotations problems.

And Philly gets a legit PF without having to sacrifice any short or longterm cap space.

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