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So, I always hate when people say "he's got great length" when describing a player because that doesn't always tell you a whole lot.  So I did a little searching to find out how tall the Bulls really are.  I coudln't find a lot of players, but I found the ones most recently drafted (couldn't find JamesOn Curry, but supposedly he has a long reach as well)

Here's a blurb I took that talks about the different measurements (taken from http://www.82games.com/trueheight.htm )


One way to see which players play bigger than they are is by looking at wingspan. In fact this is why you will hear the phrase, "He has great length" 857 times during the draft on Wednesday. This is better than ignoring wingspan, but it doesn't capture the whole picture.

Different people have different proportions, some have long arms, others have short arms. This is why wingspan is necessary to supplement height when measuring a player. Players also have different percentages of their height from their shoulders up. For example Shelden Williams has a very tall head. This is wasted height. It turns his impressive wingspan into a very average standing reach. This is my point. Standing reach is better than wingspan. In fact it is the best one measurement of a player's true height.

Still, standing reach can be improved upon. It takes time to extend one's arms. If two players have an equal standing reach, the one who is taller will play taller because it take him less time to extend his arms, because his eyes will be higher allowing better vision, and because his head will obstruct his opponents vision.

Now these are based on Pre-draft measurements, so some players do continue to grow after being drafted, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.  

Players/Standing reach/wingspan
Duhon / 8'2" / 6'6.5"
Hinrich / 8'2.5" / 6'6"
Gordon / 8'3" / 6'8.5"
Deng / 9'0.5" / 7'0.5"
Thomas / 9'0" / 7'3"
Sefolosha / 8'11.5" / 7'2"
Noah / 8'10.5" / 7'1.25"
Gray / 9'0.5" / 7'3.25"

Most of this info came from
Sefolosha was from http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Word-on-the-Street:-Early-Entry-Deadline-(Last-Update:-10:36-PM)-1355/

If you find others post them


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