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Author Topic: A Ranting I will go...  (Read 1168 times)
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« on: January 23, 2008, 10:07:17 pm »

I have to question the coaching staff after the loss to the Bulls tonight.  There are things that I just don't get.

Tinsley is ill, and Diener is injured.  I understand that they are the best PG players we have, but neither could cover Hinrich who through out a career high tonight.  Diener was scoring so I can see him being in there, but Tinsley was not producing much on the offensive end.  If these two can't produce on the offensive end having them on the floor is just a liability since neither is a solid defender.

The same issue goes for Dunleavey.  I like the guy, but he is out there for his offense, not his defense.  When it is obvious to my wife that he just looks out of sorts shooting the ball, you would think the high paid coaching staff would also recognize the same fact.  All we got from him was turnovers and poor shots.

Daniels is another one.  Same crap as the above.  

I felt bad for Rush and Granger, who poured in a career high in points, and was defending guys much larger than he all night.  

So coaches, we dressed 12 players, and you have 3 rotation players who are marginal defenders on their best day, who are just not scoring...  Why are they still on the floor?Huh??  
There is no way that a lineup of Owens, Rush, Graham, Granger, and Foster would have scored any less points, and I feel confident in the fact that Hinrich wouldn't have done nearly the same damage.

I don't get it.  Could someone explain this to me, as I am obviously not bright enough to understand this game any longer???

Boom Baby!!!!
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