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Author Topic: LAL-NJ-MEM big trade  (Read 2741 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 27, 2008, 08:32:08 am »

Quote from: "czaras"
Krstic ios a softie with knee problems. Wonder how he'll keep up with the Suns. Darko is a gooud rebounder and shot-blocker. He's also an underachiever. I never saw him play fast, think he would've fit?

VC gives Phoebix more scoring. Errr, aren't they scoring the most in the league already? And he's a poor 1-on-1 defender, unlike Bell and Marion.

You oivervalue Vujacic. He's not better than a Marcus Banks, who currently sits on the PHX bench.

Also, VC and Milicic have long-term deals and EVERYONE (besides you I guess) knows that Sarver wants to cut the fat.

Now, Odom and Boone. Odom is a perfect team-player, can pass out, rebounds, can score in a variety of ways. CAN RUN. His deal isn't as bad as Carter's.

What does Boone bring to PHX? Capability to drop 17/17 games. Remind me when Darko had a game like that?

He also is on a rookie-sized deal, has tons of potential when given PT and CAN RUN. Proven.

I rest my case.

boone isnt the player ur trying to make him, he is in no means better than darko/krstic... just cuz he had one monster game that doesnt make him a monster player/potential, potential wise darkp and krstic are a better case... krstic isnt an injury prone guy, he had only ONE injury but it juat was very bad and costed him 1.5 seasons, he will be back healthy (remember amare??)

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« Reply #16 on: January 27, 2008, 08:55:54 am »

Krstic is not Amare. Wink He may return even stronger than Amare, or much weaker than he was before. Smiley I personally had a torn ACL 8 months ago, so you can trust me on my word it's not that easy to return 100%. Sure, he gets the ebst treatment in the world, but you have to take into consideration that basketball is the sport which destroys most knees.

Boone didn't have ONE good game. He had 2 or 3 which stood out. BUT check his numbers from the point he was inserted into the starting lineup. Oh my god, what an improvement. He just needed PT. Kidd-product maybe? Who cares if he's switching Kidd for Nash? Wink

Darko had 4 years in this league, he was one of the biggest busts EVER. He was taken before Carmelo, Bosh, Wade. Doesn't get much worse there.

He's at the MLE, which is still overpaying him. Memphis has a fast paced offense and Darko obviously doesn't fit there. Why would he in PHX?
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