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Author Topic: Rumors Deal so far for the #1  (Read 1734 times)
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« on: June 23, 2006, 02:13:35 pm »

Here are some Rumors Deal that probably got rejected by BC.  

1) JO'Neal for CV + #1
A complete rip-off by Pacers

2) #1 + AWill for #3 + BK
I like this deal, but somehow BC is more greedy than me.  Which is a good sign

3) #1 for #4 + #30 + Travis Outlaw + one of Blake or Telfair (Jack seems to be untouchable for some unknown reason) (according to Ford on ESPN)
I love this trade even more than the Bobcats deal.  Actually, I am not even sure if it's true cuz it seems that Portland gave up too much for #1.

4) #1 + CV for #10 + Ray Allen + Ridnour
This trades does not make sense to me, and I won't take Allen's 75+mil contract for CV, it will look terrible in a few years when Allen goes downhill.

Personally I like the trade with Blazers.  We can still get one of Gay, Barg, TT, LA, Roy with the 4th pick, can add another good role player at #30.  Travis Outlaw is a young 6-9 SF that did very well in last year summer league (He's probably not McMillian guy that he didn't get play much last year, but when he played, he did pretty well.)  I don't like either Blake or Telfair, but they can start over Jose at least for now.

Any thoughts into these rumors?  It seems BC is more greedy than this.  If BC manages to get a deal better than the above, the raptors will be a champion contender for years in a year or two.

Raptors + Rockets + Suns
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