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Author Topic: Watson in Toronto? What is he doing here?  (Read 1760 times)
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« on: June 23, 2006, 02:27:25 pm »

There had been some rumors about Seattle making trade with Toronto.

The players involved including Ridnour, Allen, Watson, Fortson and #10.  It seems Seattle is in serious financial problem.  They are rumored to be willing to sell #40 for cash and give up #10 for cash + 07 1st round pick.

Somehow, Watson was spotted in Toronto Downtown today shopping.  

I would love to see us getting #10 and Watson without giving much of our players.  From what's BC had been talking, only CV, JG, Bosh, and MoPete are the core.  I think BC is looking for a clean house (as we saw in Hoffa and Red Rocket trades)

I thikn BC will trade away Jose in his next deal (probably to this package with Seattle for #10 + filler???)

After Jose, I think Pape Sow and AWill are going too.  He can probably get a sign & trade done with MJ.

It will be a busy summer for the raptors, and the raps will be a playoff team next season.

Raptors + Rockets + Suns
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