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Author Topic: Hinrich's Bull reign in jeopardy  (Read 649 times)
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« on: February 29, 2008, 01:17:48 am »

If Jim Boylan has done one good thing it's to get Kirk Hinrich's attention.  By benching Hinrich and playing Ben Gordon at point in the Pacer's game it's a wakeup call for Hinrich to start playing up to his capabilities.

This whole season Kirk Hinrich has been in a funk.  Missing open jumpers, numerous turnovers, constant moaning to officials about fouls, over dribbling. Hinrich had been on cruise control while Scott Skiles was coaching now it seems Boylan has called him on it.  I think Boylan is even tired of Kirk's inconsistent play.  He's been in the league 5 years and still hasn't grasped the leadership role for the Bulls.  This year there will be no all-defensive anything because every point guard Hinrich has faced has beaten him like a rented mule. One 35 point outburst against the Pacers but generally nothing from Captain Kirk.  

With Larry Hughes as Ben Gordon's running mate in the back court the Bulls offensive looks wide open.  Those 2 guys are shooters and won't waste any time over dribbling  like Hinrich.

In the off season would Paxon have a change of direction and trade Kirk Hinrich and sign  Ben Gordon to run with Larry Hughes?  It's a consideration.  It would be more than ok.  If Ben Wallace, luckily, can get traded Kirk Hinrich better find his missing A game in a hurry.
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