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Author Topic: The Magnificent 7  (Read 1116 times)
Richie B
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« on: March 22, 2008, 09:26:26 am »

Clippers played the last 3 quarters of last night's game vs. the Blazers with only 7 players.  Tim Thomas started the game but left in the first quarter leaving us with Dickau, Smush, QRoss, Mobley, Fazekas, Thornton, and Powell.  That is certainly not the squad we were hoping to suit up this year!  Oddly enough, everyone played really well with the exception of Thornton.  We really needed him to step up and he wasn't able to.

Josh Powell was great.  He's really been taking advantage of the playing time and has shown he deserves a roster spot next year.

Smush was hitting his shots early in the game and finally had some confidence, nice to see.  QRoss had the offensive game working too.  He locked down BRoy for the first quarter and a half.  When Ross took a breather, Roy got hot and Q had to come right back in.  We MUST resign him next year, he's way too valuable defensively for us to give him up.

Dickau played really tough against his former team.  He's a great 3rd string PG but usually overmatched when starting.  He certainly held his own last night.

Mobley had a big 4th quarter and kept the game tight until the final horn.

Fazekas has shown that he has NBA skill and size.  With a few years under his belt he might be able to crack some team's rotation.

I couldn't be happier with the heart and effort the Clips put into this game.  The Blazers' bench is really deep & talented and they kept throwing player after player at the exhausted Clips.  But we never gave up and hung in there to the very end.  Unfortunately, these same two teams play tonight in LA.  I think the Blazers depth gives them a huge advantage; hopefully the home crowd can help carry the Clips.

Richie B
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