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Author Topic: Denver-ATL and Denver-Sac  (Read 652 times)
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« on: April 29, 2008, 12:08:13 am »

Denver: Gives up Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Nene
Gets: Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams

Atlanta- Gives up: Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams
Gets: Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Nene

Denver: Time to give it up, two scorers with the mentially of Iverson and Melo can't work, because it kills all ball movement, and the team thinks it's too offensively talented to play defense. Denver is the second best offense in the league, but also a reason why they lost, why learn to play defense when Carmelo and Iverson can get us 55 a game, by themselves.. Joe Johnson is that wing defender that we need to put next to Iverson.

Atlana- A young team that is doing really well, and probably doesn't want to break up what they have, so I overcompenstated them, by letting walk away with great young talent, a lot more than what they put in.

Sac- Gives up: Ron Artest
Gets: Klieza 20th pick (2008)

The Kings are a rebuilding franchise, and therefore it's in their best interest to move Artest young talent, Klieza and 20th pick in a deep draft, definitely qualify.

Denver: Yeah you're giving what little depth you have left after the first  trade, but Iverson, Martin, and Camby won't be this good, for much longer, so you have to role the dice. Plus if you're than cocerned about depth, sign Gerald Green, and another big man. To sore up the bench.

Denver starting lineup


Atlana starting lineup
Josh Smith
JR Smith

Sac starting lineup
Moore ( should probably use 1 of the 2 picks to get a PF.)
Garica or Klieza
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