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Author Topic: FREE AGENT RULES  (Read 838 times)
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« on: May 22, 2008, 10:10:21 am »

before we can do free agency, we need teams to calculate there salary and send it too me, so i can past it next to each teams on the limeups thread.
then once thats complete, i'll make a thread for Free Agents to be signed and for people to bid.

1. 25 teams have active GMs, only bobcats, spurs, kings,  76ers and utah dont.

2. We are going to bid on restricted FAs first, then once thats out of the way, we will move onto non-restricted.

3. The Cap is 58M exact.

4. MLE is 5M exact.

5. LLE is 2M exact.

6.  If your under the cap, you can use that too sign players to the level cap.
example: if your 12.8M under the cap, at 45.2M for 2009, you can sign a FA up to 12.8M

7. The reason we are doing it like this, is cause this is only 2009 yearly based and teams under the cap by only 1M could go crazy and sign a player for 20M and it wouldnt matter too them, cause they only have the team for 1 year.

8.  The year length doesnt matter.

9. Then after reaching your cap level, teams then can use there MLE to bid for players.

10. If teams over the cap both offer there max(MLE) for the same player, the team who has the smaller salary cap, gets the player.
so a team with a cap of 62M will get the player before a team with 70M cap.

11. Same situation applies for LLE.

12. Cap space and MLE and LLE cant be combined.

13. Restricted FAs: if a team offers up to 13M for example, the orginal team can deside if they want to match it.

14. Non-Restricted FAs: the bidding is free go for everyone, obivously the teams under the cap, have the better chance.

15. I'll Make a nice clean page. with each team, next to it i'll post:
Remaining: MLE Money
Remaining: LLE Money

16. On that same page below i'll have list of Restricted and Nonrestricted FAs.

17. I'll post each bid update(fucck this will be alot of work) and the date it was posted.

18. If no-one bids higher after 24 hours, the player will be theres.(24 hrs seems along time, but remember its alot of work for me too check everyplayer)

19. Bidding will be done in bids of 100,000. then after 5Million they have to be in 200,000s.

20. Everytime you grab a player, PM me with the details of the change (coz im not going to make it officail otherwise and if you dont PM me, ill spend all year on the calculator).


any questions?
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