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Author Topic: Corey & Elton opt outs?  (Read 1100 times)
Richie B
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« on: June 11, 2008, 02:12:40 am »

Forward Corey Maggette will officially opt out of his contract at the end of the month and become an unrestricted free agent. Elton Brand can do the same, but recently said he plans to remain a Clipper.

Dunleavy said he believes that both will be playing for the Clippers next season.

"The reality is that there's no money out there," Dunleavy said of the market value for free agents. Later, he added, "People will come to reality and probably make a deal. That's how I see it."

That's from the LA Times.

If Brand opts out we're screwed.  It's not like he's trying to get more $$$ from the team, it's simply whether or not he wants to remain here.  I'm really hoping we'll see him and Kaman dominating down low together.

I think Corey is gone.  Maybe we can pull off a sign and trade and at least get something in return.  Somebody will find the $$$ to sign him, Dunleavey is wrong about that.

Richie B
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