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Author Topic: The most logical and simple Miami draft day trade  (Read 4586 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 18, 2008, 09:58:56 pm »

Quote from: "[)-Wa[)3"
Quote from: "LordLeoshes"
Quote from: "[)-Wa[)3"
^^ I've heart rumors out of Philly they are going to be drafting a center because they don't want to pay Dalembert's salary. We'll see what happens, but we name me a PG who it is possible to acquire with only Haslem and I'll be very surprised.

If we can get Dalembert am all for it.
& about Haslem. How would any of us know what we can get for him? Unless we work for a team willing to trade for him.
I can guess with the best of them, but in reality we have no clue.
& with Pat as GM, almost anything can happen.

The thing is the 1st string PG's in the league are either unavailable, unable to grab with only Haslem, or have a good PF already. So we are not going to get a good defensive PG who can create his own shot and hit three's at a consistent rate just by trading Haslem. And you're trippin if you think there is no talent left at the 22nd pick.

If their is nothing out their, then we should not trade him. why trade a asset for a lesser asset?
& the 22 pick is a huge risk. It is not worth taking the chanse on losing Haslem for.

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« Reply #31 on: June 19, 2008, 12:27:53 am »

Not sure why Miami would have any interest in starting Arroyo at the point, in exchange for losing their best man defender among their bigs. I don't think it's a given that Beasely plays 4 in the NBA. I definitely don't see him guarding NBA 4's right now, and it isn't clear that he's suited to be a post player, but if he is, it is not as though Haslem would be taking up that spot. Far more likely that the Heat grab a better PG if they move Haslem.
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« Reply #32 on: June 19, 2008, 02:21:32 am »

Where would haslem fit in, they already have dwight howard, rashard lewis, hedo torgoloas, adonyle foyle their 3 man bigs, plus they get tony battie back next year and they have said they like him so why would the magic want to acquire haslem when there is really no room to fit him in,

maybe ricky davis in haslems place would work becuase if you take a look at the magics sg depth chart the future doesn't look to bright, especially with reddick wanting out

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« Reply #33 on: June 19, 2008, 09:05:59 am »

Quote from: "LordLeoshes"
Quote from: "[)-Wa[)3"
Miami Sends:
 - Udonis Haslem

Miami Recieves:

 - 22nd Pick
 - Carlos Arroyo

Orlando Sends:
 - Carlos Arroyo
 - 22nd Pick

Orlando Recieves:
 - Udonis Haslem



Miami selects Beasley in the draft and Udonis, for some odd reason, will not be a 6th man. Orlando is in love with Haslem and has been trying to get him for some time now and rumors are that Orlando would like to trade its pick. So we then acquire Arroyo to provide the Heat with a legit PG and with the 22nd pick and pick up Kosta Koufos, Speights, or McGee to fill their center spot. Arroyo provides good FT shooting, 3-point shooting, and the ability to run like Riley wants the Heat to do next season. The new centers coming in may be very raw, but with Zo working alongside of them, they have the potential to be a good to very good defensive center with more offensive moves to add to their arsenal.


Orlando has been shopping Haslem for quite some time now and he would be the perfect compliment to play alongside Howard. They didn't plan to keep Arroyo anyway so a simple sign-and-trade wouldn't hurt much. Their has been rumors they have been shopping the 22nd pick because they don't feel their is any exciting talent left so get rid of that and take in Haslem.

I don't like it.
Carlos is a backup at best, & the 22 pick is a crap shoot. I rather have a starting PF, then two bench players.
Miami says NO.

Arroyo is capable of starting, excellent ball handler; limits turnover, experienced mature PG who knows his limitations.  He's not good finisher and defender, but thats why he would be a good fit since he'll be playing to Wade.  Arroyo can penatrate, dish and create and that'll be his job in Miami.

This is a good deal for both teams.

Fill in C


Haslem is the missing piece in Orlando and would come in right away and produce, unlike any rookie @ 22.  Orlando is a top 3 Eastern Conference team and they need to make moves to get on the top to keep Dwight happy.

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