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Author Topic: Warriors Setup for Next Year  (Read 2509 times)
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« on: August 08, 2008, 04:44:59 am »

Depth Chart:

Monta Elllis / Marcus Williams / CJ Watson (I)
Stephen Jackson / Marco Bellineli / Anthony Morrow (I)
Corey Maggette   / Kelenna Azubuike / Anthony Randolph
Al Harrington / Brandan Wright / Richard Hendrix
Andris Biedrins / Ronny Turiaf / Kosta Perovic (I)


Monta Ellis (PG/CG)   $11,000,000
Stephen Jackson (SG/SF)   $7,140,000
Corey Maggette (SF/SG)   $10,000,000
Al Harrington (F)   $9,226,250
Andris Biedrins [C)   $10,500,000
Kelenna Azubuike (SG/SF)   $2,900,000
Ronny Turiaf (C/PF)   $4,500,000
Marcus Williams (PG)   $1,262,520
Marco Bellineli (SG)   $1,446,720
Anthony Randolph (P-F)   $1,709,280
Brandan Wright (PF)   $2,497,320
Richard Hendrix (U-PF)   $442,144
Anthony Morrow (SG)   $442,144
CJ Watson (PG)   $711,517
Kosta Perovic [C]   $1,634,000

Adonal Foyle   $6,800,000 (buy-out)
TOTAL:   Approx. $72,211,895

Starters (1-5)
Monta Ellis (PG/CG)
All Monta has to do to run the point efficiently is use his own scoring instincts to make plays for other people. When I think about Monta, I think about Tony Parker. The comparison is strange, but it's more of what I think Monta could become at the PG spot with growth. They have strikingly similar numbers even now at different positions. This is Tony Parker’s description on Hoopshype:

“One of the quickest players in the NBA... A fast break waiting to happen... Breaks down defenses with his amazing speed... Very good driving to the basket... Gets tons of layups... Very effective finger-roll layup... Can create off the dribble... Nice shot, but not from the three-point line... Must improve decision-making a little bit... Bad from the foul line... One of the elite guards in the NBA.”

Stephen Jackson (SG/SF)
Should continue to be a great (or greater) mismatch threat at the 2 guard. This is great because Jack moves to his natural position and can take advantage of his length against SG's and Swingmen, while not having to worry about his worst skill, rebounding. He’s a great shooter, pretty good playmaker and a great defender. He really should have been at the 2 all along in my opinion.

Corey Maggette (SF/SG)
Brings a mentality and lots of things we did not have. Getting to the line and penetration are big here, rebounds, and bulk at the SF position. He also is a seasoned pro who has been waiting for a job more tuned to our style of play and importance of the role. Should be an excellent (and rather traditional) SF who slashes, goes to the line, scores and gets rebounds.

I’m not worried about defense so much, as most teams have only one good scorer between the 2 and 3 spot, so Maggette can guard the guy who is worse and Jack can guard the guy who is better. Simple. Should bring a lot of energy and if he gets injured….well Randolph gets more playing time. OH WELL. His contract kind of sucks, but I think people underestimate what impact he’s going to have on the team on and off the court. Jackson was capable of playing the ‘3’ spot, but…. he’s really a big guard isn't strong enough to muscle around with SF’s. Maggette is more a 3-2 that can get physical in the post. He will be very helpful those times when teams zone up and force everyone to take jump shots, as well as opening up the lane for Andris and AL a bit..

Al Harrington (F)
Al's performance next year will completely depend on the team. He's a great team player and does a lot of dirty work. He has issues on some things, but I think the changes could be beneficial.

Andris Biedrins (C)
Improving big man, hopefully this year we can see some more minutes and some more range on his shot. He’s a great role player Center and could develop into a fantastic team player. I like his efficiency and think he’s probably the best mobile big man out there. He’s a very rare player and we are lucky to have him. His potential is still very high, and with more support, he could be more a force in the post (he mostly had put backs and get p’r plays last year due to the ball hogs in the backcourt!). He’s a 10/10 player right now, but could be a 15ppg-12 rpg-2apg C with some more D this year.

The Reliable Bench (6-7)
Kelenna Azubuike (SF/SG)
Azubuike is awesome. He’s like J-rich light that costs 9 million less per year and plays better D (no hatin on J-rich). He can play the 2 or the 3, and where we see him most will be whoever else breaks out (he’ll be at 2 a lot if Randolph is doing good and 3 a lot if Marco/Morrow is doing good). Versatile player though that is a safety call for the uncertainties at those positions on the bench. He knows the system and can help teach the young guys some stuff. Will start a few times when Jackson or Maggette misses a game. But otherwise should see great minutes off the bench.

Ronny Turiaf (F/C)
Ronny brings rather simple things to the table. He’s going to back-up Andris. So when Andris gets into foul trouble or get injured, we don’t have to play Al Harrington at Center. He’s a big with a good experience and energy. May flourish in the open court. His passing will be useful (as not many of our bigs can pass). May get some time at the 4 (although he’s not a great rebounder). Compliments Biedrins nicely with bigger bulk, crazy high energy and a little big more range. He’s most likely to start if Andris goes down.

The Young Guys (8-10)
Marcus Williams (PG)
Marcus’s role is interesting, being that he will be a point guard coming off the bench for a Combo guard. Marcus will have many shots at making a difference next year. He will be needed to support the bench, make plays for everyone from starters to rookies, and turn the team around after bad starts to games. Strengthens our ability in half-court sets amazingly. He can help diversify the offense of the team. Needs to get up his athleticism, but expect some good minutes and some minutes with the starters if he’s impressive. CJ may overtake the spot if he’s losing it. Probably will never start unless Monta really isn’t working at the one or someone is injured.
Marco Bellineli (SG)
Much has changed for Marco and much has not. He has bulked up quite a big from last year, and has added some more good performances in non-counting games. This year is the test though. He needs to be more consistent and pick up the D. He will never be able to break the starting rotation on the Dubs if he can’t play good D next to Monta. Jackson’s contract is only two more seasons and unless he wants to sit on the bench more, he’s got to outplay Morrow, and Azubuike to some extent (at least at the 2). I worry for Marco, because I think of all the people on the team, he’s going to have a lot of pressure to improve. At least Morrow is there to take his place if thing go bad. Expect to see minutes from him, but they may fluctuate. Probably will never start w/ Azubuike around.

Brandan Wright (PF)
Basically with a little more muscle, some range, experience, and some good luck Brandan Wright could literally become Chris Bosh. They are both Tall, semi-lanky PF’s that are fast and athletic. He’s a possible 20 and 8 player. We won’t see this next year though. What we can see is the sparks of that. He has motivation to do it too. Al Harrington’s’ starting spot is at max 2 seasons away. Expect him to make a big impact at the 4 this year, on both ends of the court. May get a shot at starting if Al goes down or is traded.

The Really Young Guys (11-12)
Anthony Randolph (Point Forward)
Don Nelson attempting to turn this kid into a point forward is awesome for better or for worse. Besides Jackson (who’s really just the big guard), he’s the only guy with these kinds of capabilities on our team. I really think this is a good role for him, because he can use this style of play to contribute right now and grow as an NBA player. If he keeps playing impressive, I could see him coming off the bench sometimes as a match-up problem. With our current inactive list, he’ll definitely get some time.

Richard Hendrix (Undersized PF)
Was drafted because we lacked a player of his exact prototype. An undersized, physical PF. They are very common in the NBA. There is also no point in paying a guy like this a lot or making him a high up option. He will probably not get consistent minutes, but he definitely has a role and will be suited up the majority of nights. Should battle the Millsaps and the Haslems out there. With what I’ve seen of him, he could be more effective then those guys. He’s a coach’s son and has a little bit more intangibles then the normal meathead little big man.

The Inactive List (13-15)
CJ Watson (PG)
I like CJ; he just has some speed and size issues for our style. Definitely needed though as a back-up ball handler Monta or Marcus goes down. Marcus is not a for sure bet so he’s a good choice on the IA list.

Anthony Morrow (SG)
An impressive ballplayer who may have a chance w/ injuries or inconsistency, Morrow looks like a nice pick and pop player with some depth for the guy on the inactive list. Marco is often been a very streaky shooter, so he could steal the back-up two spot if he was more consistent in practice. Marco, I believe, is also the most likely of our young guys to ‘not get it’ this year (it’s pretty competitive to ‘get it’ at the back-up 2 spot in the NBA). So, it was a good pickup to have him step it up. Could save the day. Could be a diamond in the rough style player.

Kosta Perovic (C)
Probably will only play a few games against super bigs. He could be around if Andris or Ronny got injured. Don’t expect anything.

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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2008, 11:22:09 am »

First of all great post.

if that team doesnt look appetizing, I dont know what will.  The Warriors should win atleast 38 games bare minimum, but they have HUGE upside.  Big question in my opinion is Brandan Wright.  Can this guy get it going?  Eventually its going to be him and Randolph... if we have those long bodies on the court rebounding is not an issue, and with our up tempo play, it can be extremely devastating for opponents.
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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2008, 05:35:04 pm »

Losing Baron hurt.They will take a step back from where they were last season.They are however equiped to rebuild without falling to the very bottom like most teams must.If ellis can play point I see them being a playoff team in a couple seasons

Greenwing wrote
Finally, I'm going to state this right now.  The Bulls will have a better record next season that the Portland Trailblazers.
Portland record 54-28
Chicago record 41-41
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« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2008, 12:34:52 pm »

I hear you on that Drexler about taking a step back, but when you really analyze it I think they will move forward, because the TRUE leader of that team is Stephen Jackson.

They went 0 - 6 without him, and play AMAZING ball with him.  I think you can replace and UPGRADE almost with Monta and Maggete.  Time will tell
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« Reply #4 on: August 19, 2008, 11:34:26 pm »

I would argue that on a pure talent level few teams can stack up to the Dubs. I do think they will take a step back this year however.

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