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Author Topic: Preseaon Outlook  (Read 2039 times)
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« on: October 27, 2008, 05:36:18 pm »

Alright dubs fans, things are a little more set in stone now. Here's the rotation.

PG   Monta Ellis*    DeMarcus Nelson    CJ Watson*      Marcus Williams
SG   Stephen Jackson Marco Bellnelli         Anthony Morrow   
SF   Corey Maggette    Kelenna Azubuike   Anthony Randolph   
PF   Al Harrington    Brandan Wright         Richard Hendrix   
C   Andris Biedrins    Ronny Turiaf

With nellie's system, the 2-3 interchange a lot, so expect to see Buike, Maggette. Jack and Al at the 3 and 2, and occasionaly a 1 put at the 2. With two guys out, we should see everyone in uniform except one guy. I think it will be Hendrix or Morrow depending on the game. Williams could still be in the doghouse though.

Hopefully we just see development from everyone. If they are not getting minutes that means they are not developing, as Nellie has stated he's playing young guys regardless this year. The 'Must Develop or die" list is:

Marcus Williams (extremely behind with athleticism, adaption to style)
CJ Watson (limited by size. competition)
Brandan Wright (hasn't put it together yet, size)
Marco Bellineli (bad defense, teamwork)
Demarcus Nelson (shooting, being a PG)
Anthony Randolph (avoiding Bellineli/Wright syndrome)
Richard Hendrix and Anthony Morrow (they barely made the club)

They are not the only one's under the gun, these guys have contracts, but they still have some work to do.

Monta Ellis (injury, leadership, PG skills)
Stephen Jackson (leadership, shooting %, decision-making)
Corey Maggette   (defense, living up to scoring, foul trouble)
Kelenna Azubuike (consistency, bigger role)  
Al Harrington (post game, rebounding, being a real PF, intangibles)
Andris Biedrins (foul trouble, stamina, scoring)
Ronny Turiaf (new team, new system, impact)

Monta should be back in December. The good thing is... while he's gone, 1 of the 3 point guards is going to get some good experience and will really solidify the back-up PG position, something we have had trouble with since...as long as I can remember. If one solidifies it, we can trade/waive one and get someone else where we need help.

I would like to see Mully back, even though he is not a great drafter. He's someone who fans can relate to and trust to make good choices. He also works well with Nellie.

Cheers to Rob Kurz. This guy should not have been cut, and it angers me with all the talent out there that we can only have 15. Someone should pick him up. I guess this means Nellie believes in the front court, and that we have a lot of energy.

But that looks like the team. I hope we can pull of some good W's this year.


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Jack goes 1-20 on 3-pointers


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Nellie complaining to a ref about not making the playoffs with 48-34.

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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 11:58:57 pm »

nice article.

Given I am getting the NBA league pass this year I am really looking forward to seeing the Warriors play.  If the Warriors had a healthy Monta Ellis going into the season I could have seen them finishing perhaps 7th or 8th in the west with 45-50 wins but i think they will finish 9th with 40-45 wins without ellis the first month or so

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