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Author Topic: Official Game Thread: Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers  (Read 1520 times)
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« on: October 29, 2008, 02:36:02 pm »

The Toronto Raptors are tipping off there NBA Season in Philidelphia. This is going to be a great game. The New Look Raptors are going to take on the New Look 76ers. Both teams added key additions. The 76ers added Elton Brand and the Raptors added Jermaine O'Neal. This is going to be a great game but we will have to see who is going to develope faster. Here is a game thread prepared for you by your boy ballfreak.
Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers[/b]

(Property of BirdManPresents™ Productions) (Also Typo at the end. Ment Wednesday)
Game Information:
Time / Date: Wednesday October 29,2008 6:00 PM EST
TV / Radio: The Score, The Score HD, CSN, FAN 590
Venue: Wachovia Center

Starting Lineups:

 Starting 5 Lineups: Philadelphia 76ers (Subject to Change)

 G: F: C:

PG: Andre Miller
SG: Andre Iguodala
SF: Thaddeus Young
PF: Elton Brand
C: Samuel Dalembert

Off The Bench:

PG: Louis Williams / Royal Ivey
SG: Willie Green
SF: Kareem Rush
PF: Reggie Evens / Donyell Marshell
C: Marreese Speights / Theo Ratliff
Injured: Jason Smith

Head Coach: Maurice Cheeks


 Starting 5 Lineups: Toronto Raptors (Subject to Change)

 G: F: C:

PG: Jose Calderon
SG: Anthony Parker
SF: Jamario Moon
PF: Chris Bosh
C: Jermaine O'Neal

 Off The Bench

PG: Roko Ukic / Willie Solomon
SG: Hassan Adams
SF: Jason Kapono / Joey Graham
PF: Kris Humphris
C: Andrea Bargnani
Injured: Nathan Jawai

Head Coach: Sam Mitchell

Key Matchups:

    Key Matchups:PG

  Jose Calderon VS, Andre Miller

 This is a great Matchup. Jose Calderon has alot of persure on him now that he is the Raptors Starting Point Guard. He did a great job last year as backup but could he take on the role as starting? Andre Miller. If it wasnt for this guy, were would the Philadeplhia 76ers be? He is a great player, althlete and floor general. This is going to be a great matchup. I cannot wait to see the two pg's go at it.

     Key Matchups:PF

     Chris Bosh VS, Elton Brand

 Ahh. The Philadelphia 76ers acquired Elton Brand during the 2008 Free-Agency. It was a great addition for the sixers after being weak at the PF position. Now the get an All-Star Cailiber PF that is amazing. Plenty of people compare the two. Bosh VS. Brand. But it turns out Bosh is the better player. Altough it is really close I cannot wait to see these two go at it. But I do see Bosh Winning it.

      Key Matchups:C

      Jermaine O'Neal VS, Samuel Dalembert

 Jermaine O'Neal. The Toronto Raptors picked him up in a trade during the off season. Some people liked the trade. Others didnt. Well I liked the trade. It's just a matter of time JO goes to a good team and regains his respect. Although he was injured the man said he is okay. So I believe him. JO Vs Dalembert is going to be a great matchup. But I do thing JO is going to win.

Key Bench Players:

  Key Bench Players: Philadelphia 76ers

 | Louis Williams | 14.3 PPG | 3.0 APG | 2.9 RPG |
 Williams is a key player to this ball squad. He is an amazing young point guard who could really steal the show. For Williams I see 19 Points.

 Key Bench Players: Toronto Raptors

 | Jason Kapono | 15.6 PPG | 2.6 RPG | 0.542 3P% |
 Kapono is going to be key in this game. He has been playing well and I do see a solid game for the Sharp Shooter. About 13 points.

Game X Factors

 Game X Factors: ballfreak

 | Thaddeus Young | 13.4 PPG | 3.9 RPG | 2.0 SPG |

 Game X Factors: MoGrady

 | Andrea Bargnani | 14.7 PPG | 5.0 RPG | 1.0 APG |

Pre Game/Post Game Thoughts:

My Pre Game Thoughts:
This is going to be a great game. Both teams have made key additions to there teams this off-Season. Raptors Added Jermaine O'Neal and the 76ers added Elton Brand. Cannot Wait till tipoff

My Post Game Thoughts:

Just For Fun Stats:

The Raptors are 0-0 in the 2008-2009 Season.
The Raptors are 0-0 when The Score broadcasts the game.
The Raptors are 0-0 on Wednesdays .
The Raptors are 0-0 on evening games .
The Raptors are 0-0 on the road.
The Raptors are 0-0 when ballfreak makes the gamethread.
The Raptors are 0-0 against Eastern Conference teams this year.
The Raptors are 0-0 against Atlantic division opponents.
The Raptors are 0-0 against the 76ers this season.

Enjoy the Game Thread.

Thoughts and Predictions?

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