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Author Topic: Dubs Viscious Cycle: No-Long Term Planning Part 1  (Read 2095 times)
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« on: November 10, 2008, 05:11:18 pm »

The Dubs have effectively since the beginning of time failed to make a long term plan. This year heavily decides what we do when it comes to 'long-term' plans, even more so then keeping Baron and what not.

-We should keep Jack till he retires.

If we are resigning Jack...why? Because he's captain? Because he really is a good player? We need someone like Jack around. He's a leader. He's our Javier Zanetti or Cafu. He may not be the best, but his leadership qualities, versatility and style are good enough. A workhorse. If we keep him long-term, I'd like to see him the 6th man down the road if he's healthy. Especially with the possibilities of the future. He has little ego and a lot of smarts. We should keep Jack till he retires. Those kinds of choices are going to build confidence in the fans and club.

-The Maggette signing was a mistake.

I defended it, but I knew it was a big mistake. Why? Because we could have just solved the Al problem with Gerald Wallace. We freaked out when we lost some scoring, and now we have to the bite the bullet. Maggette is older now too, and everyone knows he gets injured a lot. He's also a swing man like Jack. How do these guys work together in 3 years? Both 6th men? I'll be surpised if we can move this contract EVER. We never needed Maggette. We just need patience.

-We let the playoffs fool us.

I'm not going to sit here and say winning 48 games last year was a mistake. But at what cost? Our young guys are getting crushed, we rushed into bad contracts because we lost some others. Now we have no experience and are the youngest team in the NBA. Last year was one of the most competitive in the west. This whole time we could have been building, and the outcome would be the same. We got a high draft and uncertain draft pick (like last year), and now we have no preparation. We failed to realize a good strategy would have been being good in 09-10, when the free agent universe realigns.The competition shifts and teams are often green with new franchise players. Our rotation and young core could have been relatively set.

-Maybe we are just getting unlucky again.

I believe Nellie when he says guys are not playing well. Well, maybe it comes down to what guys we pick. A lot of the Warriors picks have been good, but many have taken extremely long to adjust or failed completely. Maybe we should re-analyze the way we pick people. If they want advice, go look at the Oakland A's.

-We did make some good signings.

Azu for $3 mil a year and Ronny for $5 is good stuff. These guys never planned on starting and if they do...they do fine. We have room to sign the "very uncertain but talented" guys now. Keeping Wright and Bel for another year is good, because they may actually break-out. Marcus Williams? I think he's a bust. NJ was hiding something...we failed to see it

-Let Al Harrington go.

We want a good player? We don't even have a cohesive team. I don't expect results all of a sudden. I want draft picks and young talent to make the roster more competitive. That filters out the crap and puts players on the spot. No PF in the game that's even remotely available would solve our problems. Another swing man is not going to help either. We have several pieces of the puzzle.

-The NBADL and undrafted guys are great, but not THAT great.

OK, so Azu and CJ have done a really good job with their transition. We gotta be careful about too much inexperience though. Being the youngest team can squash all the talent you have with silly mistakes and bad defense. These guys are still learning and are not veterans. They are available at a great price though. We should integrate it better.

-Fire or hire Chris Mullin. Just do something.

He's a fan favorite. A lot of people can agree he's not an ace drafter, but he works well with Nellie and has somewhat of a long-term plan. Maybe he just needs some more help. If Rowell is gonna be the Alpha though, he should just start working the phones and do it. I'd like to see it go down personally. If he fails, fans should pressure Cohan to sell the team. If he doesn't, another Bay Area sports franchise is doomed.

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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2008, 01:17:24 pm »

I agree with pretty much everything.  I don't agree with the re-signing of Azubuike though, especially watching him in the first few games.  He's taken the place of Mikael Pietrus and is closely becoming one-dimensional on the offensive end which is  just chucking threes.  

This team has too much invested in the young guys like Wright, Randolph and Belinelli  yet they keep starting guys they've plucked from the D-league or guys who made their roster through Summer League play.

Noone is mistaking this team for a championship caliber team and a borderline playoff team.  They should just develop the young kids they've invested time in scouting and drafting.   O'Bryant never got his shot, nor did Ike Diogu and both were lottery picks.  I'd much rather see the young kids play and go 30-52 than watching them try to win games with D-league stars and go 38-44.
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« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2008, 04:04:36 pm »

I wouldn't sell Maggette out just yet.  He gets the other team's big men in serious foul trouble.  The guy lives there 10 - 14 times a game.  Jack is busy distributing the ball ( he even said himself, he is learning everyday ), plus Jack wants to live in the perimeter, and Maggette is a much much better finisher.

He will help with long term because our current 3 prospect needs atleast 2 more years before he is on the court full time.  Big guys always take longer.  So with that said a couple of players are ready to blossom now ( Ellis/Biedrins ) why not get them some help?

I cannot wait untill they are all on the court together, oh and did I mention Morrow?  This team is getting it together, make no mistake if they were a bunch of veterans they would have a winning record right now.  We've been blow out once in Sacramento.  

Playoff or non-Playoff opponent this team is playing damn hard and competing.  You gotta love that.  ONce they figure out how to play with each other it will be a hardcore combo.  

We are the junior Blazers of talent right now.  Its hard to find players minutes if you think about it.  However, thats a positive problem.

Give it time, give it time !!
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