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Author Topic: A 3 Way Trade with NY and Charlotte Ahead...then Some  (Read 1563 times)
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« on: November 07, 2008, 05:26:09 pm »

This trade has seem to have been seriously discussed by all sides.  The only hiccup is the questionable status of Ed Curry who has ongoing knee issues which is concerning the Bobcats.   This would have the Warriors landing Gerald Wallace while Harrington winds up in NY.  

I like Wallace, but doesn't this team have enough swingmen? If they didn't have Maggette, then I'd be all over this trade.  Getting Wallace would mean that he'd probably be playing the power forward position in Nellie ball unless Jackson becomes a full time point guard while Maggette goes to the 2. I like the thought of Wright starting at the 4.  If possible, I'd do this trade and look to move Maggette sometime after December 15.   Imagine a front court of Wallace, Wright and Biedrins?  Would be a tough trio to score on in the interior with Jackson on the perimeter.  

I'd go one step further and offer up Marcus Williams for Felton.   With Felton's quickness and ability to pass, he would be a perfect fit for this uptempo style of play.  With the Bobcats taking Augustin in the latest lottery, it maybe a sign that Felton would be let go at the end of the season since his contract expires so the Cats would want some in return. They get Williams and Curry in the trade.

Come December 15th, trade Maggette along with Belinelli to the Timbewolves, who desparately need a 2 or 3 (Miller can play the other one) for McCants, Carney and Collins.  Two of them are expiring contracts which the Warriors would need next Summer to stay under the luxury tax.

Line up:

PG Felton - Nelson
SG Jackson - Azubuike - McCants
SF  Wallace - Carney
PF Wright - Kurz
 C Biedrins - Turiaf - Collins

Looks like a nice line up, even without Monta.   I wouldn't rush Monta back, especially if they're winning and he could come off the bench. Come next Summer, Felton will be a restricted free agent and could be let go if Monta has a great, injury free Summer.
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