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Author Topic: Panic Time?  (Read 1245 times)
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« on: December 11, 2008, 07:39:03 pm »

People's thoughts on the current state of the Pistons.........Bad moves by curry?? players bitter about the trade?? has AI lost a step is or he trying too hard to fit in??

Personally, I think that Curry is doing a poor job showing trust in his proven veterans, as he sits them way too long at times if they are off. Iverson, Rip, Prince, Wallace all have shown that they can heat up or hit the big shot if you stick with them. They have no rythm together because the rotation is not consistent enough, and doesnt make sense at times defensively. I also think some of the players are questioning the direction of the team/showing they are mad at the trade. The intensity just isnt the same as past Pistons teams (the ones i hated when iverson was in philly). As far as AI, he is missing alot of shots he normally makes. I think its a combination of him losing 1/2 a step and pressing too much. He has alot of pressure on him and isnt producing. He wasnt really healthy coming out of training camp. Hopefully he gets it going.
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