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Author Topic: 2010 Offseason Primer  (Read 1704 times)
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« on: December 25, 2008, 06:51:39 pm »

Found this article and thought it was interesting.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Possibly my favorite 2010 team in terms of possibilities.

Core guys locked up: Al Jefferson (through 2013), Kevin Love (through 2012), Ryan Gomes (through 2013), and Corey Brewer (through 2011)

2010 or earlier free agents: Mike Miller (2010), Randy Foye (2010- RFA), Sebastian Telfair (2010- player option), Brian Cardinal (2010), Jason Collins (2009), Rashad McCants (2009- RFA), and Craig Smith (2010)

Immovable contracts: None

Projected 2010 committed salary: $35,169,035 (Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, Randy Foye’s cap hold, Ryan Gomes (estimate), and Corey Brewer). I did not include Rodney Carney’s cap hold, and it is worth noting that this does not include cap holds for draft picks in 2009 and 2010, where the T-Wolves have 4 first rounders combined.

What they should do: Those who criticize the Love/Mayo deal on draft night do not have 2010 in mind, because the deal was a stone-cold steal from that perspective. Part of what makes the T-Wolves so fascinating is that they have a ton of solid rotation players on roster and most of them are on cheap deals for the time being.  If I’m Minnesota, I’d be looking hard at trying to move under the cap for 2009, when they could be one of a relatively small pool of buyers for an underrated group of talent. Would this be worth trading Mike Miller for Wally? No, but moving one of the lesser future firsts to a team like the Knicks for a Malik Rose/Brian Cardinal swap could work incredibly well. Either way, the Wolves have a ton to work with in cap space, expiring contracts, or both. What makes them such a fun 2010 team is that guys like Brian Cardinal become assets very soon, and if Minnesota decides they’d rather add contracts now, they could probably get a mint for him and Mike Miller from the right team. What’s more, they have Jefferson, Love, Gomes, and Brewer holed up, so they can spend close to the max to get a #1 perimeter scorer even if they want to keep Randy Foye around. There is no team other than the Blazers in better position to coalesce their assets into a few great players than the T-Wolves.


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