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Author Topic: Coach Curry Has Got To Go  (Read 1248 times)
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« on: January 17, 2009, 09:07:46 pm »

This group of players shouldnt be struggling to score like this.

They are keeping teams under control defensively.... New Orleans only were good for 91 against em tonight..

Defensively, it isnt an issue but the offence is sooo woeful and the amount of 3 ball attempts when down only 2 points late in the 4th, its just such a sad sad case where it seems like Currys playbook doenst equate to easy scores and transition buckets and weak side triples, and the things it seems, Necessary, to compete at the minute.

What i dont quite understand is.. they are playin small ball....

Rasheed is playin Centre at what... 6"11 after that.. its Tayshaun Prince at 6"8... and Rasheed took 8 x 3 point attempts on 2 - 8 conversion...

Who do we point the finger at here.?... someone has to wear it now, this scoring FUNK has gone on for too long...

cause this was one of the proudest franchises in the league and now it just looks like a broken down sad state where they got Stuckey and a bunch of has beens...

Joe Dumars?
is Billups giggling like a lil school kid?

2010 free agency thats great... but it could be a looong looong painful wait till then if this continues...
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2009, 03:22:15 pm »

the problem is tradin billups, he was the main guy and playmaker and a true leader on the court. We needed a bigman who could rebound to take us to the top but the biggest mistake came from dumars trading for iverson.

The coach sucks and dumars is doin bad moves, from what been wrote he missed out on tradin prince for stephan jackson wtf, our best and most consistant player on both ends for a useless one way player like ai.

Our scorin is down hugely cause stuckey and iverson dont pass and just jack up bad shots. Our defence espically at the guard spots is terrible too, iverson and stuckey get blown past by even average guards somethin which billups would just use strenght against them.

Sheed has been poor but that happens when his shot isnt fallin which is back to the lack of pg gettin him good openings!,Prince has done ok at the pf spot but he still defends the sg/sf which leads a big gap inside as sheed cant defend 2 people.

Too be honest we wont re-sign sheed or iverson(thank god) at the end of the season, i think dumars will make a run at lebron, if that dosent happen it probably start to rebuild even trade rip but they must keep prince.

I stilll think curry is a better coach than flip but his team is alot alot weaker
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