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Author Topic: 2009 Draft Predictions  (Read 2790 times)
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« on: January 27, 2009, 10:20:19 pm »

As you guys can tell, Im a big fan of the draft, i write alot about it, so I am going to take some early predictions on what i think on some of the most notable players will be doing in the NBA in the future years to come, comments or thoughts are welcome....

1. Blake Griffin- All Star type potential, will have a great career

2. James Harden- Good scorer,crafty,15-20ppg player, Solid NBA starter for many years to come.

3. Hasheem Thabeet- Bigtime defensive center,bright future, possible NBA Defensive player of the year.

4. Jordan Hill- Very developed player, NBA starter for years to come, maybe just maybe borderline All-Star

5. Brandon Jennings- Bad choice to go to Europe, Would of been very good in college,NBA starter in a couple years.

6. Al-Farouq Aminu-Very young, will need some time to adjust to NBA game, in the future will be a solid starter.

7. Earl Clark- Unique player, has good skills, rotational player, maybe a starter on some teams.

8. Chase Budinger- Solid bench player in the NBA, i see Brent Barry lol

9. Gerald Henderson- Bench player in the NBA, small at 6'4'', reminds me of Dahntay Jones, will have a tough time adjusting.

10. Greg Monroe- Very young,still needs to develope,Has very good tools,good hands,future long time NBA starter.

11. DaJuan Summers- Super talented, great handle for a guy his size, game translates well, future NBA starter,possible All Star

12. Demar DeRozen-Will need some time to adjust to NBA,future is very bright,Borderline Bench player/starter in the NBA when he figures it all out.

13. Stephen Curry- Game wont translate well besides shooting ability, Future NBA bench player that can put points up.

14. Darren Collison- Solid player, very small, good defensive player, think Darrel Armstrong, Bench player in the league.

15. Tyler Hansbrough- Outstanding college player,hustle and passion will keep him playing solid in the league, Bench/starter for most NBA teams.

16. BJ Mullens- Will have a very tough time in NBA, struggling at the college level, has good potential though.

17. Ricky Rubio- If he comes out, Ive heard he wont, but he should be solid,watched him in the olyimpics and looks super talented, at worst Jose Calderon.

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