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Author Topic: RESIGNING RFA'S  (Read 921 times)
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« on: February 27, 2009, 07:03:58 am »

Its obvious that many ones would prefer to keep their RFA's, especially the good ones, so i suggest that we do a thread where GM's do contract extensions on their RFA's and its up to the public if the resigning will be approved (doing RFA signing is just a waste of time for the basic reason that contract offers will just be matched, and some RFA's can be underpaid. (example: i offered Felton my LLE, and WAS GM is also online and will say that he matches the offer.. then that would mean that Felton will just earn 2.5M???)

So my proposal: GM's should just present reasonable contract extensions if they wish to keep their RFA, and it can be vetoed.


"The New Orleans Hornets are happy to announce that they will keep Charlie Villanueva and he just signed a 5 year contract where he earns $8.5M annually."

this may be approved coz 8.5M is an OK prize for Chalie Villanueva.

Assuming that I have Marvin Williams and I say that "Dallas and Williams reached an agreement where Marvin earns $1M annually for 4 years."

this will surely be vetoed..

why did I suggest this? It will save us much time.

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