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Author Topic: FINAL GAMEDAYS WILL CLOSE IN 1 hour  (Read 1294 times)
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« on: February 28, 2009, 07:18:45 am »

we kinda need more votes, and the season will soon be over.. so VOTE AWAY!!!!

games will be closed by that time and playoffs will open right after votes are tallied. (Zander can easily take care of that) i just hope there wont be a tie. in the 8th spot etc, coz gamedays were done at random.

in case of a tie for a playoff spot,(especially the last spots) we may base things on a team's rank in his division or we may do tie breakers) hence, there will be no playoffs yet

in case of a tie for lotto bounded teams (example: NYK and MIA are both 1-16, then SAS and PHX having 2-14) we will hold a match between them HOWEVER PLAYOFFS WILL NOT BE SUSPENDED AS THE TIEBREAKERS ARE FOR LOTTO TEAMS.

with the current situation, i see that the 1st season(including championship matches) will be over in 8 days.

PRIMETIME BE READY WITH FREE AGENCY ONCE WE START THE PLAYOFFS-like on voting who opts out, contract extensions for RFA's...

MIAMI'S FINEST, START THE LOTTERY IMMEDIATELY(as he said he'll be out of town and will be back @ monday) so dude do the draft ONCE YOU LOG IN.

DURING THE DRAFT, TEAMS CAN TRADE PICKS (example: sac trades hawes and 1st rounder via DAL for DET's first round pick etc..)


sorry that i stickied all last games, the reason is that they may move to the 2nd/3rd pages and we may end up losing those, and they may end up being forgotten and they may have just very few votes.

they will be unstickied soon, so pls vote!!
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