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Author Topic: Mullin's conversation about the trade!!!  (Read 1509 times)
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« on: December 23, 2006, 01:51:00 pm »

Three Teams Deal involving another shocking trade~~~

Just got informed another shocking rumor:

May read it at:


The Content to this rumor:

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By Marcus Thompson

Oakland, Ca - I have spoken to Chris Mullin about how he will propose for the Warriors. He told me that he was trying to land Allen Iverson, who was eventually dealt to the Nuggets, but the deal was shut down because the Nuggets insisted on having Monta Ellis in this trade with the Warriors. However, he told me that he will still be exploring the possible trade options in coming weeks. In our conversation, Mullin claimed to me that: "There is no one untouchable in our roster, I will do all kinds of trade to make sure that that will increases our chance of making to the post-season. I might even trade Baron Davis, the Warriors leading scorer, if this will lead to a better path to our team; however, Davis is doing what he is supposed to be doing, and I have confidence in him that he will be the key to our making to the post-season. I think that our team needs a solid veteran, who is young and aggressive, who can become another key to help us cope wit hthe close games we often failed to close out. I have been contacting Danny Ainge about getting Paul Pierce; I have been contacting other teams, including the Clippers and the Sonics, about working out some trades that will be helpful to our team in a long-run." From Mullin's expression, I could tell that he is tired of losing close games that the Warriors should have won. I think in this season there will be another huge trade to the Warriors. We'll have to wait and see!

Corey Maggette to the Warriors?


By Jason Reid

Los Angeles, Ca - Since the bold request by Corey Maggette, it is possible to see him getting traded to other teams before the trading deadline of this season. According to Mike Dunleavy Sr., the head coach of the Clippers, he will discuss possible trades that can get his son, Mike Dunleavy Jr., to his team. It is possible to see a trade between the Clippers and the Warriors this season. According to a source near the Clippers Front Office, they are discussing a trade, in terms of the Clippers-Warriors trade, that will get Mike Dunleavy Jr. to the Clippers by sending Cuttino Mobley, Corey Maggette, and Zeljko Rebraca to the Warriors for Adonal Foyle, Keith McLeod, Mike Dunleavy, and Zarko Cabarkapa. However, this has not been confirmed by the Clippers, but is rumored to work in progress.

Paul Pierce Out?

By David Sean

Boston, Ma - Danny Ainge has not reveal any possible trade talk to us, but I am sure he wants to deal Paul Pierce to the West for young talents. According to a source close to Danny Ainge, Ainge will, possibly, deal Paul Pierce to the West--possibly the Clippers and the Warriors. Pierce, according to his anonymous teammate, has told Ainge that he wishes to play for a Californian team if the Celtics will become a lottery teamthis season. In my opinion, it is possible that Paul Pierce will be dealt, which will be another shocking trade news coming close to the AI deal, to other teams. But when will this happen?
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« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2007, 08:58:29 pm »

i think it is a good idea, the warriors need help because going .500 is not going to cut it especially with the barrage of injuries. A shakeup is definitely in order and i think we should deal any number of dunleavy murphy or foyle along with expendable parts like mcleod.

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