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Author Topic: Celtics Sign Wallace  (Read 921 times)
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« on: July 08, 2009, 12:52:34 pm »

Well, it seems that championship era for the Pistons is entirely over, as the third member of the championship starting five from 2004 has left the team.  Rasheed Wallace has signed with the Boston Celtics for what is rumored to be the MLE, which is worth a little over $5 million.  Wallace was in Detroit for 5 and a half seasons after spending 8 and a half seasons with the Blazers, a season with the Bullets, and 1 game with the Hawks.  Rasheed will be sorely missed.  I loved his attitude and his mentality.  I also loved his game; his versatility shot blocking, etc.  To me, this loss is even more sentimental than the loss of Billups, even though we can recover more easily from this loss.  All I know is that Jason Maxiell better step up.
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