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Author Topic: mia-uta  (Read 2273 times)
animal collective
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A word to the wise is infuriating.

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« on: September 06, 2009, 02:27:44 pm »


plus miami sends utah two 2nd rd picks, and receive a 1st rd pick

williams/maynor or price      36/12
brewer/korver                   34/14
beasley/miles/korver          25/13/10
millsap/beasley                 34/14
okur/oneal                       32/16

for 2010 utah could either

resign korver for 31.25mil/5yrs
or sign hughes for 35mill/5yrs
(if they sign hughes than brewer and hughes could split minutes at the sg spot and brewer could play backup sf)

18.5ppg 9.5apg 2.75rpg 1spg .25bpg 36mpg WILLIAMS
14ppg 2.5apg 4rpg 1.5spg .4bpg 34mpg BREWER
18.75ppg 1.75apg 8.25rpg .9spg 1bpg 39mpg BEASLEY
15ppg 2.25apg 9.5rpg 1spg 1bpg 34mpg MILLSAP
16.5ppg 1.5apg 7.25rpg .7spg .5bpg 32mpg

4ppg 2apg 1rpg .5spg .1bpg 12mpg MAYNOR/PRICE
9ppg 1.5apg 3rpg .6spg .25bpg 24mpg KORVER
5ppg .75apg 1.5rpg .5spg .2bpg 13mpg MILES
7ppg .75apg 4rpg .25spg 1bpg 16mpg O'NEAL

rough stats:
105ppg 22apg 43rpg 7spg 4.5bpg

chalmers/cook/beverley        34/6/8
wade/cook                         36/12
kirkilenko/jones/cook            34/10/4
boozer/haslem                    30/18
fesenko/anthony/haslem       28/16/4

13.5ppg 6.75apg 2.5rpg 2spg .15bpg 34mpg CHALMERS
28.5ppg 6.75apg 5.5rpg 1.25spg 1bpg 36mpg WADE
13.75ppg 3apg 6.25rpg 1.25spg 1.5bpg 34mpg KIRKILENKO
17ppg 1.75apg 9.5rpg .75spg .5bpg 30mpg BOOZER
8.5ppg .75apg 10rpg .75spg 1.25bpg 28mpg FESENKO

2ppg 1.25apg 1.5rpg .25spg .25bpg 8mpg BEVERLEY
8ppg .8apg 2rpg .35spg .1bpg 22mpg COOK
3ppg .33apg 1rpg .2spg .2bpg 10mpg JONES
6.5ppg .75apg 5.5rpg .42spg .25bpg 22mpg HASLEM
2.5ppg .25apg 3rpg .15spg 1bpg 16mpg ANTHONY

rough stats:
103.25ppg 22.1apg 46.75rpg 7spg 5.85bpg

miami would have three 2010 1st round picks to fill the bench
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Robert Horry is a much better candidate for HOF then a cry baby LBJ.

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« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2009, 08:53:57 pm »

Not bad for both sides, but I don't see Miami trading Beasley despite his personal problems. Though the Heat do have a history of letting go of good young forwards (Odom, Butler to L.A).
Admittedly they did get a championship
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