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Author Topic: 2006-07 Utah Jazz Roster  (Read 2842 times)
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« on: July 05, 2006, 04:44:31 pm »

PG: Deron, Fisher, Dee
SG: Giricek Brewer, CJ
SF: Kirilenko, Harpring,
PF: Boozer, Millsap
C:  Okur, Hoffa, Collins?

That leaves a couple openings on the roster.  Now with the Fisher trade, I would expect the Jazz to at least sign Collins as insurance.  I still agree with many out there that we still need a defensive presence in the post.  Giricek seems to be the odd man out because he's never quite fit into the Jazz's offensive system; he's more of a free roamer.  Free roaming is fine once in a while, to change things up, but not on every possession.  Sometimes the team needs to run plays in order to get everyone involved.

Continuing with defense, if Okur is out on the perimeter (seems more and more centers are shooters these days) then that defensive presence could be Millsap at PF in the post.  Kirilenko could also remain down low now that we have better perimeter defenders in Brewer and Dee along with Deron and Fisher.  

At any rate, with or without that center, it's looking to be a great team for next year.  I'm excited!!  Cheesy

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