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Author Topic: SA - PHI  (Read 360 times)
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« on: January 20, 2010, 11:31:56 pm »

Now, know that I'm under the influence of losing to Utah 4 times this year, so I'm probably not thinking clearly but I'm ready to go to drastic meassures to salvage this season, so with that in mind...

Spurs send Mason, Finley, Bonner, Ginobili and the draft rights of Splitter to the 76ers for Iguodala and Dalembert.

Spurs become the best defensive team in the league, actually become an athletic team, and in the process become the most expensive starting lineup in the history of the league.  Parker 12 million, Iggy 12, Jefferson 14, Duncan 22, and Dalembert 12.

Philly saves 4 million this year, and with all the players coming back on expiring deals they would take 25 million on the books next season.  They solve their shooting woes and they get a young 7-footer to start their team over with moving forward.

Now, I'm not...dare I say...super nuts, but I'm looking for anyone to say this trade has even a fair chance of happening.  I dont think either team would say yes to it, I'm just still steaming about this latest lost to the ****** ******* Jazz.

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I was wrong, and Josh was right the Spurs actually aren't good like the Suns.
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