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Author Topic: Darren Collison  (Read 1754 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2010, 02:37:49 am »

I got another idea involving Joe Johnson. Trade collison, NOH lottery pick, and peja's expiring for Joe Johnson in a sign and trade. The hornets instantly become contenders with cp3, Joe, okafor,west as their core. All 4 are relatively young and should have a good 4 years together at least. They'd still have songalia, mo pete, thornton, and posey as role players.

For the hawks they'd get a true pg that has looked great this season. He'd have bibby as a mentor for 2 years. They would also get cap space that they need to resign horford and a top 10 pick. With the pick they could get a potential replacement for Joe that could develop beside collison. Whatcha think?

I don't know. I like it slightly but Collison seems just too good to let go. Peja's good but he would be a possible player to trade. Would admit, though, that'd be one hell of an offense. Should be considered I guess.

typically i would agree with that. he is a great prospect but the hornets have the best point guard in the league who is an established franchise player and i dont see them co-existing together there both to small to guard bigger SG guards  and paul needs the ball to create for every one else  so in this case you might as well sell while the value is high on your prospect.

as for the second part of your post peja is horrid at this point he does nothing  effectively and the hornets would jump at the chance to get  rid of his contract  especially if they got a true super star back

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