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Author Topic: Washington DC Sports  (Read 2246 times)
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« on: June 09, 2010, 10:32:59 pm »

You have Ovie with the caps and probably the best team in the NHL, shame the way the playoffs happened this year. Anyways, Ovie will never be leaving

You have McNabb playing for the Skins. He needed a fresh start so this is good, however, there just isnt enough talent surrounding for the team to do great. Worst Team in Washington to come for the next few years

Bryce Harper, Zimmerman, and Steven Strasburg are going to build baseball in Washington. You don't see very many teams constructed by the draft, just teams that dominate because they spend the money, but this team has a beautiful core.

Wall on the wiz. I would get rid of Arenas to the raptors and slowly start rebuilding. You have no idea who they could snag with a top 5 draft pick next year, plus it allows Blatche and McGee to develop under an offensive minded head coach.

Times are looking alright Smiley
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