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Author Topic: Detroit - Utah - Orlando  (Read 321 times)
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A word to the wise is infuriating.

« on: September 11, 2010, 01:24:37 am »

Detroit trades: Hamilton, Prince, Gordon, Wilcox & 1st rd pick
receives: Carter, AK47 & Miles

Utah trades: AK47, Jefferson, Miles, Gaines, Fesenko & trade exception (1.4mill)
receives: Prince, Hamilton, Gortat, Duhon, Anderson, Wilcox & 2nd rd pick

Orlando trades: Carter, Gortat, Duhon, Anderson & 2nd rd pick
receives: Jefferson, Gordon, Gaines, Fesenko, trade exception (1.4mill) & 1st rd pick


Detroit Pistons

PG: Stuckey-Bynum
SG: Carter-Miles-White
SF: AK47-Daye-McGrady
PF: Jerebko-Villanueva-Summers
C: Wallace-Maxiell-Monroe

Utah Jazz

PG: Williams-Duhon-Price
SG: Hamilton-Bell-Jeffers
SF: Prince-Hayward-Evans
PF: Millsap-Anderson-Wilcox
C: Okur-Gortat-Elson

Orlando Magic

PG: Nelson-Gaines-Williams
SG: Gordon-Redick-Richardson
SF: Lewis-Pietrus-Robinson
PF: Jefferson-Bass
C: Howard-Orton-Fesenko

Robert Horry is a much better candidate for HOF then a cry baby LBJ.

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