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Author Topic: A Sign of things to come: Spurs big 3 score 80 of 97 Points  (Read 1688 times)
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« on: March 19, 2011, 06:37:45 am »

After a very nice win last night against the mavs, the spurs big 3 scored a whopping 80 of the 97 points.  And after seeing them go in the post to timmy often, i was asking myself, if this is the way they will play come playoff time. 

The answer to myself.... I sure hope so, they need to go through duncan more for playoff time, and having mcdyess in the starting line up now is great. 

It shows how much talent the spurs have and how good of a coach pop is, that they can go from a starting line up of RJ, Blair, Duncan, Ginobili, Parker all year rest mcdyess and now have him starting.

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