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Author Topic: GM Game 9.0 [Rules and Info]  (Read 4643 times)
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« on: June 04, 2011, 09:03:16 pm »

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GM Game 9.0 Rules

Joining the Game
If you want to join the game please ask in the Discussion Board thread. You may get a team right away and you may not. It completely depends on if they are any open teams at the moment. We do give priority to active posters on the forum who have demonstrated they know what they're talking about. Meaning that if two people are asking for one team, one has been on the forum for a year and is a smart guy, the other just joined the forum and has 12 posts, we will be making the obvious decision.

Keeping a Roster Page
After you've been accepted into the game you need to post your roster on the Rosters Page. Post your team name and each of your player's names and their salaries. Take a glance at the roster pages of the other GMs to see what we expect. Keeping an organized roster page is the key to keeping the game organized in general. It is imperative that your roster page remains organized.

An extremely disorganized or out of date roster page would be a reason to consider kicking you out of the game if someone else is asking to join.

1. Rosters need to be updated after every trade.
2. Player salaries need to be listed for every season of their contract.
3. Avoid many pictures and a long post.
4. If you want to keep a history of your trades, please don't keep it on your roster page.

How to Trade
To trade with another GM you need to arrive at an agreement and post the trade in the Transactions Page. Post the name of each team, the players involved, and the salaries of those players. Try to use team icons too, it makes it a lot easier to read. A correctly submitted trade will look like this:

Nuggets Send:
Arron Afflalo $1,086,240 (1+TO+QO)
2011 1st Round Pick (Via Lakers)

Hawks Send:
Jeff Teague $1,373,880 (2+2TO+QO)

In this example the number of years remaining was also included. It is helpful if you follow suit and do that too.

After the trade is posted, the GM who didn't post the trade needs to post that he accepts the trade. After that GM has accepted the trade both GMs need to update their roster page.

Here is a copy-pastable code for trades:
[img]http://www.realgm.com/images/nba/4.2/wiretap/team/3 letter team abbreviation_40.gif[/img][b]Team #1 Send:[/b]
First Last Salary (years)

[img]http://www.realgm.com/images/nba/4.2/wiretap/team/3 letter team abbreviation_40.gif[/img][b]Team #2 Send:[/b]
First Last Salary (years)

Trading Restrictions
In any trade both sides of the trade need to be within 25% of each other plus $100,000. In the above example, Arron Afflalo has a salary of $1,086,240. 125% of that is $1,357,800. Plus $100,000 is $1,457,800. That means that the very most salary that could have been received in return for Afflalo is $1,457,800.

The minimum salary exception is the only exception to this. Minimum contracts MAY be counted towards the 125% if you want, and they don't have to be counted if you don't want. Joe Smith is on a minimum contract of $1,306,455. In the above example if Atlanta wanted to send Smith in addition to Teague they would be allowed to even though the salaries would be uneven, because Smith is a minimum contract and doesn't count towards the trade. In addition, a team could trade 3 veteran minimum players for a player with a $3 mil salary.

If the team receiving more salary is still below the salary cap ($50 mil) then the above can be ignored. They can receive as much salary as doesn't put them over the salary cap, no matter how little salary the send in return.

That's how a basic trade works, as for the actual restrictions:

1. All trades must be fair (basically if you see a trade that is very unfair, say something, and we'll decide from there).
2. During the season there is a 1 week restriction. You must keep a player on your team for at least 1 week before you can trade him. This does not apply during the offseason.
3. Multi-part trades are not allowed in any way (trading, and then trading a player back in 2 or more different trades to get around making trades with even salaries). You can, however, reacquire a player in an unrelated trade.
4. A GM is allowed to back out of a trade he agreed to as long as that trade happened very recently. This should really only be an issue if someone makes a terrible trade and then everyone else convinces him it sucks, then he is allowed to back out.
5. Players that have a recently extended contract cannot be traded. They must wait until the first year of their new contract before they can be traded. Players who have been extended should be marked as untradable on the roster page.
6. There are no conditional picks. Either you trade the whole draft pick or you trade none of the draft pick. Conditional picks means protected picks or 'the right to swap picks'.
7. Rye rule. The Rye rule is how teams operate when they have exceeded the $70 mil hard cap. These teams cannot make any trade in which they receive more salary than they send. Their trades still need to be within 25%, and the minimum salary exception is void if it makes them receive more than they send. They are also not allowed to sign FAs even if they still have available exceptions (like the MLE). They CAN sign minimum contracts but only until they have 12 players.

Free Agency Rules:


During the summer there is no roster size limit, but during the season the limit will be enforced at 15 players. If you have more than 15 you will be asked to waive players until you get down to 15. If you don't waive players in a timely manner they will be waived for you.

Any players waived will count against the cap for the full amount in every year of the contract (unless the contract is partially-guaranteed, this info would be in the Salaries page). However anyone on a minimum contract is considered non-guaranteed, and can be waived without penalty (don't confuse with a rookie scale contract, which can be similar amounts).

In the summer, cap and threshold numbers:

Salary Cap: $50 mil
Hard Cap: $70 mil

Waiver Wire (Mid-season FAs)
The Waiver Wire is for signing and waiving players during the season. If you want to waive a player you MUST post that you are waiving him in the Waiver Wire thread.

After a player is waived it takes that player 48 hours before any team over the cap to make an offer to that player. Teams under the cap can claim a player in those first 48 hours if they can absorb their existing salary. The exact rules for claiming players off waivers are:

1. Teams under the cap may claim a waived player as long as it is within 48 hours of being waived and they can absorb 100% of the player's salary. The team that waived the player is no longer on the hook for their salary.
2. If multiple teams attempt to claim the player in the same 48 hours the team with the worst W/L record gets him. If the season hasn't started yet the previous season's W/L record is used. In event of a tie in team's records then the player's agent decides to which of the teams he goes.

NOTE: This also gives teams under the cap priority in signing minimum contract players who were waived. Teams over the cap have to wait 48 hours before attempting to offer.

Signing players on the Waiver Wire, after they clear waivers, works just like UFA. You can still use your available exceptions (MLE, Bi-Annual), if you haven't already, to sign waived players/unsigned players. Check the FA Rules page to see the rules about signing players.

Things to keep in mind about the Waiver Wire:

1. If you waive a player that isn't a league minimum, it affects your cap situation.
2. League minimum contracts can be waived without any penalty.
3. No buyouts. As far as the salary cap goes a buyout and waiving a player would be the same thing. Real life buyouts save cash but don't effect the salary cap at all. There are some partially-guaranteed contracts, that is the closest thing to a buyout that there is. Info on that would be in the Salaries page.
4. If you waive a player who has TOs or POs, the POs count against your cap, the TOs do not.
5. You can offer minimum contracts regardless of your cap situation. Unless you are over the hard cap and you already have 12 players, then you cannot offer minimum contracts. League minimum contracts can be found here:


Odds and ends
1. Our salaries are sometimes different from real life salaries. Please check our salaries page, do not check the real life salaries.
2. GMs need to be active in order to stay in the game. That doesn't mean you need to trade if you're happy with your team, you just need to contribute to the game on a regular basis (things like posting a team rotation, updating your roster page, posting occasionally).
3. If a draft pick falls off the face of the game, it will be given back to the team that originally had itNOT mean if no. Meaning that if it's Chicago's 1st, and then 3 months later no one has it, Chicago would get it back. That does  one has your pick you can add it to you roster. Notify a Mod about it, and he will make a thread asking if it belongs to anyone. If no one can provide proof that it is supposed to be theirs after a decent amount of time has passed, then it goes back to its original team.


How many seasons will we be playing?

We plan on playing at least through the 2014-15 season. After that season ends we will gauge if people would like to play another season or restart, but that would be the maximum.
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Players that aren't minimum contracts still affect the salary cap of their respective teams.


Waived Players that Affect the Salary Cap

Atlanta Hawks:

Boston Celtics:

Brooklyn Nets:

Charlotte Bobcats:

Chicago Bulls:

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Dallas Mavericks:

Denver Nuggets:
Matt Carroll - $3,300,000

Detroit Pistons:
Viacheslav Kravtsov - $1,500,000 | $1,500,000 | $1,875,000
Sasha Pavlovic - $1,232,713 | $1,399,507 | $1,448,490

Golden State Warriors:

Houston Rockets:

Indiana Pacers:

Los Angeles Clippers:

Los Angeles Lakers:

Memphis Grizzlies:
Chris Duhon - $3,500,000 | $3,750,000
Hamed Haddadi - $1,300,000 | $1,300,000
Devin Ebanks - $1,054,389

Miami Heat:

Milwaukee Bucks:

Minnesota Timberwolves:

New Orleans Hornets:

New York Knicks:

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Orlando Magic:

Philadelphia 76ers:

Phoenix Suns:
Nolan Smith - $1,365,260

Portland Trailblazers:
Xavier Henry - $2,323,200

Sacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs

Toronto Raptors
Luke Babbitt - $1,892,280
John Lucas - $1,500,000

Utah Jazz

Washington Wizards
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« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2011, 05:21:57 am »

Available Exceptions:

Black = Available
Red =  Used

Atlanta Hawks: MLE, Bi-Annual
Boston Celtics: MLE, Bi-Annual
Brooklyn Nets: MLE, Bi-Annual
Charlotte Bobcats: MLE, Bi-Annual
Chicago Bulls: MLE, Bi-Annual
Cleveland Cavaliers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Dallas Mavericks: Partial-MLE - $3,000,000 remaining (Used $3,000,000 on Chris Andersen), Bi-Annual
Denver Nuggets: MLE, Bi-Annual (Used on Kenyon Martin)
Detroit Pistons: MLE, Bi-Annual
Golden State Warriors: MLE, Bi-Annual
Houston Rockets: MLE, Bi-Annual
Indiana Pacers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Los Angeles Clippers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Los Angeles Lakers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Memphis Grizzlies: MLE, Bi-Annual
Miami Heat: MLE, Bi-Annual
Milwaukee Bucks: MLE, Bi-Annual (Used on Michael Redd)
Minnesota Timberwolves: MLE, Bi-Annual
New Orleans Hornets: MLE, Bi-Annual
New York Knicks: MLE, Bi-Annual
Oklahoma City Thunder: MLE, Bi-Annual
Orlando Magic: MLE, Bi-Annual
Philadelphia 76ers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Phoenix Suns: MLE, Bi-Annual
Portland Trailblazers: MLE, Bi-Annual
Sacramento Kings: MLE, Bi-Annual
San Antonio Spurs: MLE, Bi-Annual
Toronto Raptors: MLE, Bi-Annual
Utah Jazz: MLE, Bi-Annual
Washington Wizards: MLE, Bi-Annual
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« Reply #4 on: January 24, 2014, 08:04:29 pm »

I will be updating this thread and the FA rules thread for 9.0.
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« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2014, 04:54:19 pm »

Thanks for updating that waive list, we're finally getting some structure ever since Zander left us.

Thank you Turbozone, BBYao for the sigs.
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