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Question: Do you like this deal for San Antonio?
yes - 4 (66.7%)
no - 2 (33.3%)
Total Voters: 6

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Author Topic: Hypothetical 3-way deal. Spurs get Channing Frye  (Read 8929 times)
Oscar Rafone
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« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2011, 02:29:54 pm »

Colangelo did bad trades in the past,but this is too much also for him...

Any trade that gets rid of Bargnani and nets you a SF who can defend is a good trade for TO.

Yes,but they don't receive a SF that can defend.They receive Josh Childress in this trade,and a little talented big man in Lopez.They yet have better players in James Johnson and Ed Davis,while they should want them?

Ed Davis is good isn't he? Which is why the team needs to move Bargs at all costs. Childress can defend in the right system. Aside from last year, which was an obvious outlier caused by him playing in a system not meant for his skills, his PER is constantly higher than Bargs' and his career PER is almost 2 points higher. Regardless of how good he defends, he still contributes more on that end than Bargs. The question is wether you'd rather pay a superfluous player more money to play a position where your second best building block plays or would you rather pay less money to a player who plays a position where you have scrubs. Lopez is a throw in, and even if you take him out of the deal, it makes no difference.

I get it. You're Italian and you think Bargs is good and we can get something good for him. It can't happen. You just have to hope to move his deal for a player who can be of more use to get him out of Ed Davis' way.
I'm not a big fan of Bargnani,he is often too soft on the field...but I like less Childress.Childress can be a nice energy guy from the bench,but he doesn't excel in anything.He is an athleatic freak and use his phisical skills to score,but offensively he has a shaky shot and on defensive end he is often lazy.It isn't a coincidence the fact that he fails in Europe as star of his team,he shows that he is too incostant as player to be a piece to build around

The problem here isn't to trade away bargs(I think he would fit much better in other team than in Toronto),but the problem is that Toronto receives two bench guys for him,and one of these guy is overpaid.Robin Lopez would be a nice addition for Toronto,because when Valanciunas will come in the league,a big man rotation with Valanciunas-Davis-A.Johnson-R.Lopez would be young and fairly good.But Childress isn't any better than J.Johnson...
Put Pietrus instead of Childress here and the trade would be nice for toronto,Pietrus is a nice role player who can either start or being the 6th man defensive specialist from the bench,and ihe would be the experienced guy that could help the young Toronto team to gel(and he is still 29)

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