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Author Topic: Goodbye 2nd Era Bad Boys (Piston Appreciation Thread)  (Read 23895 times)
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You have no proof^^^

I know you be joking, but I should have cited that- so I will now.

Big Ben's dislike for Flip helped fuel his departure

He did not like coach Flip Saunders, not one bit. And the fury he felt toward his former coach after sitting out the final 12 minutes of Detroit's final playoff game last season stuck with him through June and into July

He had been stewing over his benching in Game 6 in Miami, and he skipped his exit interview with Saunders back in Auburn Hills, opting instead to speak only with team president Joe Dumars.

"At that point in time, the frustration was still sitting heavy on me, so there wasn't no need for me to have a conversation with Flip at all," Wallace recalled. "I thought the worst thing he can do to a player who's been there and been in the fight with you all season was to put me on that bench and force me to watch that whole fourth quarter and not have an opportunity to get in there and see the action. That was the toughest 12 minutes I ever had to play -- or ever had to watch. It sticks with me, it's still with me."

Ben goes on a lot further in that article so if you want to read more about Big Ben's thoughts on Flip, check it out.

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