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Author Topic: D12 to Clips  (Read 327 times)
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« on: November 30, 2011, 08:26:44 am »

The Clippers seem to be setting themselves up to make a run at Howard and CP3. Rather than draw out this last season (will Dwight stay, will he go?) when we all know he's going to leave I say Otis Smith takes a hard line with Howard and trades him now to avoid the season long distraction. Let's be realistic, the only desirable destination that will have the money to sign him is the Clippers, so if I'm Otis Smith I call up the Clips and I offer them

Howard and Turkoglu for
Eric Gordon (assuming ORL can get him to commit to a deal beyond this season), Kaman (in contract year), Deandre Jordan (assuming they can resign him) and Eric Bledsoe

With Orlando's trade exceptions, they'd net about $9 Million in cap space from this deal, couple that with amnesty cutting Arenas and Orlando stands to save somewhere around $28 Million. And you have a couple of solid pieces in Jordan, and Gordon, and the Clips get D12 to play with Blake Griffin and if they amnesty Mo Williams they have enough money to make a reasonable run at Cp3.

I wake up in the morning take a *** and wash my hands, take a knee n thank the man and get back to the money

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