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Author Topic: Houston - LA Lakers  (Read 1304 times)
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« on: May 29, 2007, 01:29:10 am »

Talking trades is indisputably fun and the knowledgeable include capology and equivalents etc., and sometimes the bigger picture.  As a Houston fan (because of Yao Ming), this is my contribution.

New coach Adelman will not significantly improve the Rockets, through no fault of his as a coach.  Personnel will keep the Rockets stuck in-between elite and above average.  While fun, Houston fans daydreaming about packaging Alston, Howard, Hayes, Head, Sura, et al. to get a quality PG and PF are doing just that, daydreaming.  Since few if any teams would want a $20M+ prima donna with an aching back and fragile psyche, the Rockets' only trade attraction is Yao Ming.  If they don't trade Yao, with the steady improvement of other Western Conference teams (Portland+Oden, Seattle+Durant and Utah, Golden State on the rise), Houston will never get past the first round, and neither will the Lakers as presently constituted (that’s why Kobe wants Jerry West to come in and deal).  

While not original, Yao+Spanoulis to the Lakers for Odum+Bynum+ KwameBrown+SmushParker.  This will work for both teams.  Houston wants the up-tempo game (who doesn't?) and the former Lakers provide athletic big men, an athletic PG, and a skilled distributor/rebounder.  Together with McGrady and Battier, this team will be ATHLETIC and FAST and able to compete for the West Finals.  As for the new-look Lakers, Yao and Kobe in their primes with Walton in the Triangle will provide Kobe, the NBA's best player, his stage in the NBA Finals.  The Zen Master needs a Chinese center to make it work like the halcyon days with Shaq-Fu.  The glamour of the Lakers will dissuade Spanoulis from going back to Europe and, if the Lakers can somehow get Kidd to Hollywood (how's that for revenge on Joumana?, maybe a reconciliation?), this trade will keep Kobe in LA to establish a new Laker Dynasty and turn on one billion fans in East Asia.  Jerry West, and more importantly, David Stern, are you thinking like this?
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« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2007, 08:40:31 pm »

I don't think Bynum is as athletic as you think.  He's more of a clogger than a runner, although he is still young enough to run a little.

Doesn't matter though.  The trade is nowhere close to working.  Houston is taking on 2x the salary there giving, and Parker is an FA.

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« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2007, 10:30:46 pm »

I really agree with you on the fact that this trade makes both of these teams more competitive and would bring in more revenue for the league.  The obvious one is Yao in L.A. but Houston would love a fast team a la the Suns and sell like Phoenix in the 5th largest market - Houston.

Smush is a free agent, but they could work something out.

And Bynum is still growing into his shoes!!!  He's 18 until December!  Can you kid the young kid some slack.  He's done well taking the play and abuse of the best professional adult athletes' on Earth (due respect to soccer). His body is similar to Shaq's at this age.  By the time he's a man (21-24) don't be surprised to see him grow two inches and carry 300 on his wide, foot-plodding frame.  He even may make the Lakers regret having done what seemed so obviously right.

Love this trade.  But there are a lot of cap issues that will make some players sign and trade - Parker, Wells etc.

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