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Author Topic: LAL/PHO/SAC/WAS  (Read 318 times)
Oscar Rafone
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« on: February 13, 2012, 04:35:42 pm »

LAL trade Metta,Walton,Ebanks,Chicago 2012 2nd round pick,Memphis 2013 2nd round pick
LAL receive Salmons,Blatche

PHO trade Childress
PHO receive Metta

SAC trade Salmons
SAC receive Childress,Ebanks

WAS trade Blatche
WAS recive Walton,Chicago 2012 2nd round pick,Memphis 2013 2nd round pick

Why Lakers do it?They strenghten a lot their bench,acquiring for a very cheap price two players with talent but that are not playing well actually,and their teams want to give away.Low risk/medium reward trade.And this trade make Gasol more expendable for an Howard package
Why the other teams do it?Basically,they all dump salaries of players that aren't playing well,replacing them with shorter/less expensive contracts

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