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Author Topic: Jamal Crawford available?  (Read 411 times)
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« on: March 05, 2012, 05:43:38 pm »

read a rumor on ESPN teams are looking at him. Here are some potential matches.

Crawford for Bledsoe/Foye

Clippers get an upgrade at the 2 using its one expendable asset.
Blazers get a young PG to potentially lead the team in the future, and an expiring for a player who hasn't worked out well for them.
(Crawford will opt out of his contract after this season)

G: Chris Paul/Mo Williams/(Mike James?)
G: Crawford/(Billups)/Leslie
F: Butler/Gomes/Simmons
F: Griffin/Martin/Evans
C: Jordan/Thompkins

G: Felton/Bledsoe/Smith
G: Batum/Foye/Williams
F: Wallace/Matthews/Babbitt
F: Aldridge/Thomas/Smith
C: Camby/Pryzbilla/Johnson/(Oden)


Crawford & Felton for Ridnour, Barea & Beasley

Wolves get a legit 2 guard and a big guard who thrived off the bench for Denver to backup Rubio.
Blazers get a nice expiring & 2 potential PG fixes.

G: Rubio/Felton
G: Crawford/Ellington/Lee
F: Johnson/Webster
F: Love/Williams/Tolliver
C: Pekovic/Miller/Milcic

G: Barea/Ridnour/Smith
G: Batum/Matthews/Williams
F: Wallace/Beasley/Babbitt
F: Aldridge/Smith/Thomas
C: Camby/Pryzbilla/CJohnson/(Oden)


Crawford for Udrih/Future protected 1st

Bucks trade a player that "wouldn't mind" a trade for more scoring which they need so badly. The first might seem like too much but it'll be protected for 5+ years and if it isn't redeemed by then it would become 2nd round picks.
Blazers get a potential PG fix, and a future pick for a bad fit.

Crawford, Wallace & Felton for Thornton, Fredette, Thompson, Outlaw---Garcia and a protected first OR Salmons and 2012 pick top 1 protected

Kings get good veteran presence and a return of Gforce for a failed rookie, a bad fit in thornton (on a questionable contract), a former blazer in Outlaw, another big for a potential playoff run. & a bad contract in either Garcia or Salmons.
(mashed those up. too lazy to redo it)

G: Thomas/Felton
G: Evans/Crawford/Honeycutt
F: Wallace/Garcia OR Salmons/Greene
F: Hayes/Hickson
C: Cousins/Whiteside

G: Fredette/Smith
G: Matthews/Thornton/Williams
F: Batum/Babbitt
F: Aldrdige/Smith/Thomas
C: Camby/Pryzbilla/Thompson/Cjohnson/(oden)

Crawbord for Barbosa

Pretty much a vet expiring swap for chemistry reasons.

G: Calderon/Bayless/Carter
G: DeRozan/Crawford
F: Johnson/Kleiza/Butler
F: Davis/Johnson
C: Bargnani/Gray/Alabi

G: Barbosa/Felton
G: Batum/Williams
F: Wallace/Matthews/Babbitt
F: Aldridge/Smith/Thomas
C: Camby/Pryzbilla/CJohnson/(Oden)

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