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Author Topic: No Way to predict this draft.  (Read 773 times)
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« on: June 16, 2007, 09:31:37 am »

This draft is going to be interesting. I hope everyone has there paper and pen ready because you will have to keep track of the draft this year. I see alot of teams making moves this year. Atlanta is shopping the number 3 and Portland has been know to make questionable moves in the past. So don't be surprised, because 1 thru 10 are going to be frantic. The Bulls seem to have a grasp on what is about to go down on June 28th and I beleive that the thought they will take a big is just that a thought. They could take anyone. They could draft a player for another team and trade them later or select a replacement for someone being traded. There is really no telling what can happen. With the amount of different types of players they have worked out at the Berto center it's really hard to get a bead on there intentions. Or maybe that's what they want, Maybe all this is just smoke and mirrors and they really have a favorite player in mind. And are going to wait until nine and make there selection. It should make for good TV. So wait until the smoke clears this year before you judge what they have done.

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