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Author Topic: “A Win is a Win.” or “Ouch, My Everything Hurts.”  (Read 598 times)
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« on: February 09, 2013, 02:00:22 am »

“A Win is a Win.” or “Ouch, My Everything Hurts.”

The Blazing beard


The wagon was on fire, and the wheels were falling off, no breaks, and it was rolling downhill backwards while being attacked from all sides! (did I mention we are out of ammo too, and beef jerky) supplies had run out, and it looked as if all was lost…….

And suddenly the Bulls had won their 30th game of the season.  How, I cannot possibly tell you.  They did in fact win, in a cliffhanger, of sorts, that makes you feel like they are hanging on and hanging in there by the thinnest of threads.   One point guard?  Seriously?   How would I explain this to my wife who gave up watching for sleeping on the couch in the 3rd quarter (well played honey)?

A win is a win I keep telling myself.  The Bulls had more heart and they really just wanted it more in the end (as Jefferson cooled a bit thankfully towards the end as well).  Boozer figured out that there were no calls to be had, the refs hadn’t put them on the line since the 2nd quarter, which is no surprise to you bulls fans, really more par for the course as it were, so Boozer just woke up and started ballin’…taking it to the hoop, and really making use of his conscious playing mode.  I think he has been in a cloud since coming back the last couple games, nice finish for Boozer.

The defense needs to come back right now.  Help us Thibby-Wan-Kenobi, your defense is our only hope…….Seriously, it’s our only hope right now, so please, start playing defense again Bulls, yer killin’ me…I started having Faried flashbacks in the first quarter, god no!

Is Thibs too much a creature of habit?  I think maybe so, yes.  I cannot imagine why Jimmy Butler wouldn’t play as much as possible; with duck tape literally coming off of Joakim’s feet, as well as nuts and bolts flying off of Bellinelli’s semi repaired ankle….it would seem as if the team really needs Jimmy….like, REALLY THIBS!  Again, I will stress that the combo of Deng and Jimmy Buckets wins games, confuses the other team, and locks down the D….please Thibby (don't tell him I said that), think about it…WE NEED JIMMY, and this athleticism (and Taj as well), and boarding, seriously, he should be playing the whole game….unless he too is injured (possible after last game as I thought he tweaked something).

The 3rd quarter was abysmal.  I suggest you change the lineup for starting the second half of games, and bring some more energy and focus in, or try, by mixing it up some.  A great first half, or good enough to be close, means nothing if you give it all up in the 3rd, something must be done, I am thinking rotation wise, as we are already being creative due to injury. 

Luol needs to get his game in gear…15 quiet points will not do.  IF he is not injured like all the bulls, then he needs to be leading this team.  They need to be setting up plays, spacing right, and he needs to be cutting, cutting, and cutting more! We also need more of that sweet passing that has defined us this year, it has been sloppy for the last few games.  Lu needs to reclaim his form as per a few weeks ago.  His 3 is non existent, and his driving is minimal….and to his credit, he is getting hammered trying, but he needs to go harder and more often, it’s HIS team for a few more weeks.  OWN IT LU!

Jo had a better game, but he is injured too, blah, injured, blah, (well, you get the picture).  He played, and was probably the X factor in us pulling out the win, so cheers Jo!

Nate had a great game, and big threes, but almost let the no calls and his own pride hurt us by staring down a ref mid play resulting in a tech.  However, there was much more good than bad, and for playing so many minutes, he is really showing improvement and maturity.

Could be sore feet and ankles, could be the end of a much salvaged road trip (Pacers lost, hells yeah!)  But the Bulls will be limping home to Chicago, having put out the fire, and now it’s time to circle the wagons, or whatever you got left to circle, for the next few weeks….I just hope there are less games played like this one………
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