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Author Topic: “It’s Not About the Rings Really, Is It?”  (Read 661 times)
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« on: February 16, 2013, 03:04:11 pm »

‘Who Cares if D Rose Comes Back This Year?”  OR    “It’s Not About the Rings Really, Is It?”


I was searching for something to write about the Bulls for this All-Star weekend blog, and since the Bulls sort of gimped into this break, writing about how they would surprise all by winning this year, was not really in the cards or my mind.  I have been distracted this week, like many fans, by all the complaining/speculating about Rose not returning, how much he makes, questioning his heart, and how Chicago, and the rest of the world,  practically believes they own him……barf.  Use some compassion and brains people….but I digress…….I was searching for something meaningful to write about the Bulls, and about hoops.   

Then I read a column by Sam Smith (ALL Hail the Chief!) on Luol Deng.
Hmmm……still no ideas, but then I read the comments under the article and was immediately inspired.  (Often times, the comments under a video or article are more telling about our culture than all the press prose in the world, and worth more in the form of insight; for good, bad, and many times, ugly)

A Bulls fan was giving Lu some really kind praise and respect, which is very due for Luol Deng, his game, and life….but I digress. 

Here was the comment, complete with it’s dose of cynicism: 

“…all of which brings a tear to my eye, but gets us no closer to ever beating Miami or winning an NBA championship, which post Jordan era is the only thing that matters to a Bulls fan.”

Simply put, I disagree BIG TIME.  It has been 15 years since Jordan/Pippen/Jackson and the rest of the Bulls brought a championship to Chicago.  15 years.  15 years of players that didn’t pan out, players that didn’t try, 15 years of a league that is happy to see the once mighty Bulls suffer, 15 years of bad picks, bad money management, and bad vibes…….to some.

For me, like many, I have hope (and how can you be cynical of hope for God’s sake?) It has been 15 years of being a loyal fan.  15 years of witnessing a tough young Bulls team out perform everyone’s expectations at times; owning some of the best teams during the season, working hard and being the hardest working team, talent or not.  It has been about sharing the ball, actually playing defense, taking Celtics to the brink in 7 games, having the best record in the league multiple years.  It has been about watching a coach that as paid his dues more than most in this league and teaching a team to play as a team.  It is about being humble and living with results not in gold, but lessons in life and hearts of gold. 

I may never have thought about this until recently, but I have 2 sons, 5 and 7 years old.  They both LOVE the Bears, though they have never seen them win a championship (and yes, at young ages, they have seen far worse than that w/ the Bears).  They LOVE the Bulls, though they have never seen them win a ring.  They LOVE D-Rose, thought they have not seen him play this year.  But my 2 sons @ 5 and 7 years old have what most fans have.  Even though it defies contracts, big money, common sense, and championship bling that goes w/ such an accomplishment, they have FAITH and HOPE.  (What all sports fans must have, as there can be only 1 team winning it all each year, and the rest of us don't change teams, and keep coming back for more, regardless of winning.)

As an adult and as a fan for life of the Bulls and basketball, I want rings.  I want the championship back in Chi-Town (where it belongs).  I want to see D-Rose play, and stun the world w. his amazing moves and talent.  I want the glory…….but NOT at the expense of ruining all that this sport is about for me and my family.  Teamwork.  Communication.  Heart.  Love.  Patience. Humbleness.  The JOY of playing.

My kids get it better than me, and better than most.  After a heartbreaking loss this year, my 7 year old Storm, looked at me as the last seconds were ticking off the clock and said, “Well dad, there’s another game tomorrow night!”  (With full enthusiasm, as if he and I didn’t watch the same game, or even really care much about the outcome, truly living in the moment)  With an open heart and faith, he was ready for the next game, and the next, and the next.  No matter what.  Dressed in his bulls gear, ready to GO!

I don’t want to watch Dwight Howard, or a Le Bron James, or a Dyane Wade, or a Chris Bosh with my kids.  I want them to watch a Luol Deng (a student of the game and a citizen of the world).  I want my kids watching D-Rose amaze people w/ his humbleness, kind words, and respect for his family.  I want them watching a team play, not 2 hours of one on one void of fundamentals and void of the thing that has made watching this Bulls team a joy, Heart.  I want them to know what a good sport is, and is not. 

This Bulls team has it all.  My sons know it.  They will spend countless hours watching this team win, lose, succeed, fail, and live to play another day.  They will buy jerseys every year, even if the Bulls star player is out.  They will tevo games to watch after work, they will skip dates with hot girls to see if the Bulls can upset the champs, they will talk sh*t with their friends about hoops, thy will arrive early and stay late after practice to get better, and they will do all the things most important to us as fans; enjoy the game we love.  Thy will live and breathe hoops at times (my 7 year old sleeps w/ his ball many nights and headband).  They will do what we as fans and adults should have learned already.  They will have Faith, they will have Fun, and in the end, or middle, or beginning, they know what we may have forgotten….it’s about the Bulls baby.…..rings or not, bling or not……..we are all interconnected through this team, through hope, and we will be Bulls fans for life…..

The Blazing beard


(Stop by and read my thoughts if you have time, Peace!)

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